Monday, October 12, 2009

My Weekend in Pictures or Please Forgive The Ramblings Of A Proud Mommy....

Currently Reading: Finished both Runaway Jury and Second Sight Dating! Both are excellent:) SSD is by Marianne Stephens, and is available at Cerridwen Press. I did get a little frustrated by the lies/lack of trust/miscommunication, and I did figure out the meaning of certain letters early on, but over all I found it fast-paced and hard to put down! A Recommended Read from this reader:)

Word count: Wrote in longhand yesterday, a page and a half. I won't know the count until I type it in to the document. But after a 2-week absence, this was a welcome return to creativity:)

If you were unable to attend the Ellora's Cave RomantiCon this weekend, and are (like me) anxiously waiting for the attendees to post pictures, I offer my weekend pics as a (poor) substitute until Anny, Brynn, Bron, Kelly, Regina, Barb, Dakota, et al, recupperate and upload theirs. Enjoy!

Here's the poster S and I made Wednesday night. There's pics of K in his Boy Scout uniform; 4th grade football, 5th grade baseball, and 6th grade basketball uniforms; goofy pics of him growing up; and a few pre-K pics.

Here is my senior, #62, doing his pre-game warmup.

Being recognized as senior parents. You didn't know I was married to Santa, did you?

Every senior presented their mom with a yellow rose:)

4th quarter: 6:53: #62 is finally heading out onto the field! We scored a touchdown (finally!)

#62 'in action', hahaha....

Whenever we score, the JROTC has to do push ups. We think Tanja is 3rd from the from the play clock.

Extra point is good!

#62 is still on the field!

Start time: 8:53. K and his friend, #16, leave the field at 6:19.

12 seconds later, Touchdown!

(oops, I accidentally uploaded this one twice! Sorry about that....)

K's start time back on the field: 6:02!

This might be K's tackle; they announced 'Tackle by #62..." and I snapped the shot, then cheered 'That's my boy!' The parent behind me clapped me on the back and said, 'About time! Why didn't they put him in sooner?'

2nd down...

3rd down...notice the offense LOST yardage? And on 4th down, K partially blocked the punt! He has the bruise on his arm as proof:)

#16 recovered a fumble; both boys were hi-fived as they came off the field. I didn't get a pic of the hi-fives, but here they are on the sidelines.

Time both boys exited the game. Good joy boys!

Since my 'photographer' didn't get a better picture during the recognition ceremony, I had her take this one.

So that was my weekend. Why was the game in the daytime? Due to all the rain on Thursday and Friday, three inches of water/sewage was standing in the locker room at the stadium. Game was postponed until Saturday afternoon! K took his SAT's in the morning, and played his little heart out with no worries afterward:) Plus, Grandpa took us out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant Friday night:)
Today on the To-Do List:
-Writing. I finally started Ch 6 yesterday. Aren't you proud of me??
-Grocery shopping
Sounds like a fun day, doesn't it? Plus, we woke up to temps in the mid-40's, and is only expected to hit the mid-50's. If you missed it, the spouse finally turned on the heat Friday:)


Carol said...

You have a very handsome son, Molly.

Molly Daniels said...

I do, don't I? (Big Grin)

He's a good kid, and though I didn't think he'd live to see age four (holy terror, lol!), he's proving to be a rather responsible teenager:) Now if we just survive senior year:) And then we do it all again in three more years!

Linda Kage said...

I loved watching my nephews play football last year. It was always exciting to watch them play. It's kind of depressing after they graduate, but those were good memories.

barbara huffert said...

Poor Molly. Next time I'll talk you into surprising everyone with me.

Ashley Ladd said...

Cool pics. Looks like you had fun. My weekend was spent on a different kind of sports field - girls softball.