Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Memories

Currently Reading: Finished Linked! I really loved Chapters 9 and 24! This book was slightly squeamish in places, but thankfully there was just enough description of the gritty parts. The horrific parts were left to the imagination, and the interaction between the hero and heroine was fantastic as two people learned to trust each other. Recommended Read, IMHO! Next up is Ashley's Recipe For Disaster.

Word Count: Goofed off yesterday. See above paragraph:) That, plus the spouse took me to BW-3's for lunch. We'd never eaten there before, and we will be going back:) Next time, I'll sit closer to the Trivia screen so I can READ the questions and play along!

In elementary school, I was a witch; Miss America; Donald Duck; and my bff and I had plans to borrow a rather robust neighbor's overalls and go as the Two-Headed Monster. But since neither of us ever worked up the nerve to ask him if we could borrow them, we opted for separate costumes.

In high school, I missed Halloween my sophomore year because it fell on a Saturday and we were at the State Finals of the Marching Band competition. We didn't place in the top 10, but we stuck around to cheer on the winners.

My junior year, I was taking World History and fell in love with Greek Mythology. I decided to go as Aphrodite, and the imagination was greater than my costume-making skills. My mom had two strapless formals, both with tulle from the waist down. I strapped one around my thighs, so it was ankle-length, and the other in the usual place. A white turtleneck went under the thing, since it was slightly cold and rainy, and my mom was significantly larger on top than myself. Gold pumps went on my feet; they were only slightly large, but thick socks kept my heels from sliding out. And yes, I wore either jeans or tights under the dresses. Lord only knows how I managed to WALK in that getup!

My senior year, I dressed all in black; carried my original 1978 lightsaber; and went as a Jedi Knight. My sister was horrified, even though she was Chewbacca.

In college, I dressed as a Punk Rocker; Scarlett O'Hara; and in one disastrous evening, ended up being Ashton instead of Brett from North and South, because my boyfriend rented the wrong costume. I wanted him in Union Blue; he chose Confederate Gray. My final year, I wore my Scarlett O'Hara dress, but when friends joined us for the Residence Hall Trick-Or-Treating, I became Glenda the Good Witch. My bff was Dorothy; one girl was The Tin Man; her roommate was her Oil Can. A stuffed dog was tucked under Dorothy's arm for Toto. Later, a guy who was interested in my bff invited us to a Haunted House put on by one of the fraternities. All was well until the final room: I was leading the way and 'Frankenstein' jumped out from behind the door. His fist connected with my nose, and as I stumbled toward the exit, mildly blinded by tears, one of the guys passing out the candy noticed my distress and gave me an ice pack.

"Just tell Frankenstein to be more careful in there." When my friends rejoined me, we went to a local bar and had a few drinks, plus watched the costume contest.

Festivities For Today:
W had no trouble getting out of bed this morning. All it took was a 'Today you get to wear your costume' comment and out he bounded! He dressed while I pulled it from the plastic, and tried it on. Perfect fit, and when he saw himself in the mirror, he exclaimed, "I am a HOT Spiderman!"

I took it off of him, put it in his backpack, and dropped him off at school. Tonight he might do the 'Safe Trick-or-Treating' at the area businesses. It all depends on the weather!

The teens are planning to go to the high school's Haunted House, and having a few friends over afterwards. I think a big pot of chili will be made for dinner tonight, or pizza.

Heard 'Monster Mash' on the radio as I was taking W to school! What's your favorite Halloween song? We also introduced W to It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on Wedensday. He loved it!


Regina Carlysle said...

Can't wait to listen to the radio today and tomorrow to see if they play any fun halloween songs. I love Monster Mash!

Ashley Ladd said...

I honestly can't remember what I dressed up as for Halloween as a kid. Oh! But once as a young adult I was a go=go dancer with tons of 60's type makeup - you know the gobs of bright blue eye shadow that blinded everyone. Oh! And I was a hobo at least one year as a kid. The longer I think the more comes back. I was afraid the Hashimoto's thyroid disease my doctor told me I have just yesterday, is affecting my memory. :)

My kids have been vampires, death, witches, Ninja Turtles (that was an awesome costume), pumpkin babies, Santa babies, Sailor Moon (unfortunately that was my oldest son and some guys actually tried to hit on him), Power Rangers, Star Trek dubies, and princesses. I'm sure I've forgotten a lot.

Ashley Ladd said...

Ooh! Monster Mash! Regina, I LOVE that song!

In fact, I have it recorded on a CD and I forgot about it all season this year. But I finally remembered it earlier tonight on the way to get our Halloween pumpkin and I played it for me and the kids. We had a blast.

barbara huffert said...

Thank you, Molly. So glad you enjoyed it.

Happy Halloween! It's never been my holiday. I have so many nightmares they interfere with fun/scary things.