Monday, October 19, 2009

Confessions of a Proud Parent, Pt 2

Currently Reading: Finished The Love Killers. I was slightly disappointed in the ending, but that's just my opinion. I'd forgotten I'd also won another free book, and it arrived in the mail on Saturday. Started chapter 1 of Loucinda McGary's The Treasures of Venice. So far, it's holding my attention! When I finish writing Ch 6 of my wip, I'll reward myself with the e-books again. I know Barb; you're waiting anxiously for me to read Linked!

Word Count: Friday, I think I added another 700 words. I'll go back and check it once I get the kids to school.

Happy 46th anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!

Friday was cold. C-O-L-D. This is why I prefer basketball; it takes place indoors! Only a proud parent would willingly sit in the 40-degree temperature and endure a light rain falling. But when your kid announces he's '90% positive he's the starting right tackle', and he's only played twice in the previous eight games, you don't stay home and be warm and dry. Oh bundle up and brave the elements.

I wore a thick sweater; long underwear; my heavy winter coat; a hat; gloves; my hood was pulled up. I had taken two fleece blankets; one to sit on and the other across my lap. The spouse was in his coveralls and fleece shirt. I almost wore my snow boots. At halftime, I wish I'd worn them, because my toes were numb inside my tennis shoes. The first several minutes of the game, we were also huddled under an umbrella, because of the fine mist of precipitation falling. Just enough to make everything damp and miserable.

This was taken before the game. The field was muddy, and instead of being on defense, my senior (a very muddy #62) was playing offense.

First quarter, we got all the way to the goal line, but their defense kept us from scoring a TD. When they turned it over on downs, our defense pushed their quarterback into our end zone for a two-point safety.

Twenty seconds into the 2nd quarter, we scored a touchdown!

Here's a picture of the cheerleaders. They were trying to stay warm too!

Whenever we score, the cheerleaders do backward flips for every point scored. I snapped this right before the one in mid-flip on the left landed on her head. She was okay!

At halftime, we found the hot chocolate tent. It was watery, but HOT, and that's all that mattered to my frozen insides:)
Third quarter, neither team scored. Three minutes into the 4th, we intercepted a fumble and ran it in for another TD.

Five mintutes later, we did it again.

By this time, it was pretty obvious we were going to win the game, and we were even more thrilled when our guys scored yet another TD with less than two minutes to go!

Random shot of the cheerleaders and players with less than a minute left on the clock. I don't even remember which team had the ball at this point!

At one point during the game, three holding penalties were called against us, and we fervently hoped it wasn't because of anything #62 was doing! Our guys were pushed back 32 yards, but as it was only 1st down, we weren't too overly concerned. Our offense managed to make up the yardage and on 3rd down, finally made it past the original 10-yard mark for another 1st down. That particular drive eventually resulted in one of the TD's, and we saw the referee speaking to K in the end zone, and then coaches and players crowded around him on the sidelines. Later we discovered one of the other team's players had grabbed him around the neck and thrown him to the ground. Perfectly legal; he didn't grab his face mask or uniform.
After the game was over, K said he was glad he'd played, because if he'd been standing on the sidelines the entire time, he'd been doing everything he could in order to stay warm! As I write this, his white uniform is about to take its third bath in Shout; it is still slightly gray in spots, and I've been told not to bleach it, because of the green numbers and stripes/markings.
I now have a teenager who puffs out his chest as he walked over the weekend, and is pretty darn proud of himself! He's sporting more 'V's on his helmet, and even the cheerleaders congratulated him as he came off the field!
This is my booth at the Fall Festival.
I only sold two, but it was enough for me to eat a delicious lunch of chicken and dumplings! I felt sorry for the vendors in the other building; the heat was malfunctioning. We were nice and warm in ours!
I happened to be in back of the tie-dyed T-shirt vendor whom I'd met last year at the Watermelon Festival, and he remembered me at this year's. He and the candle vendor (guy in yellow shirt) told me about some festivals across the river for next year, and they would let me know who to contact and when.
Good News!
Spouse was called back to work today! We're hoping the job lasts more than only a few days. I'll be able to write with no interruptions, other than the dogs. And since I did most of the laundry yesterday, I only have two more loads today: K's uniform and the rest of the towels.
Have a great day:)


Amber Skyze said...

Congrats on so many levels! Your son, husband and selling a few books. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend! :)

Linda Kage said...

Glad you had such a good weekend. Keep up the momentum!

Regina Carlysle said...

You have so much good news, Molly! YAY on the job, the booksigning, the chicken and dumplings (yummm) and K's game!