Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday's Stupid Saying and Memory

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I'd like to eat there; wouldn't you? Ha ha:)

I've heard that memories are linked to the senses, especially sound, taste, and smell. A song can transport you back to a lost love. Smell can take you back to your grandmother's lap. Last night, I was taken back to a lost tradition in my mother's living room.

My SU had discovered a do-it-yourself pizza recipe for cast iron skillets. Keep in mind; he grew up cooking with cast iron, and wanted to try it, especially since camping is one of his first loves. If he mastered the art of this dish, the boy scouts he frequently camps with would be appreciative, as he's constantly showing them how meals do not have to be limited to hot dogs, chili, or hamburgers.

In case his dough failed, we had bought a Chef Boy-Ar-Dee pizza making kit, the kind I've not had in years, because my dough making skills frankly suck. My problem is in getting the water the right temperature to activate the yeast. I learned of this problem as a teenager, and after several attempts, finallly admitted defeat. I buy frozen; order takeout; buy the Pillsbury pizza crusts; or the ready-made kind found in the deli.

We decided to make one pizza in the cast iron, and the others from the kit. The SU got the kit's dough perfect! The yeast he'd found in the cabinet for the other turned out to be too old and didn't rise. But that was okay; he made one pizza instead of two, and loaded it with his toppings: Onion, mushroom, green pepper, sausage, and pepperoni. He'd also thrown in some Italian seasonings to spice it up.

The other pizzas were cheese and sausage/pepperoni. We have some tame palates in our home. Any guesses who the cheese pizza was for? If you said me, you'd be guessing correctly! I'll eat sausage pizza, but only if there's no other option. Pepperoni only if it's the large kind I can pick off. bite of that pizza and suddenly I was back in our living room, Sunday night, watching The Wonderful World of Disney. It was the only night my sister and I were allowed to eat in front of the TV, and Mom usually made pizzas. And since this was before the use of VCR's or pausing Live TV (I'm constantly telling my youngest that no, we do NOT pause Spongebob just to eat dinner!), if you missed a TV show, you had to wait for the rerun in about six months. Or wait till the network decided to show the movie again. (Anyone remember that? Imagine...three channels; if the President was on, there was nothing to watch; parents actually dared to send their kids off to bed at nine, just before 'the good stuff' happened!)

Enjoy your Saturday. In a few hours, I'm off to visit a fellow author who is signing copies of his book, Forrest J Ackerman's Anthology of the Living Dead. I believe it shot to the #1 spot on the P&E poll this past week. Shows he's got a lot of friends:) No offense, Travis. After all, I've not even read the thing yet, but I still got everyone in my house to vote for you:) Maybe one day if I'm ever lucky enough to be nominated, you'll return the favor?

Before I forget (again!), pop over to the MLMYA blog and tell Sandra Cox hello. She's been the guest this entire week, due to me passing her info along to Carrie.