Monday, January 25, 2010

Updated Reading Schedule

I had to make some adjustments again, when I looked at which books I was buying from which publisher. I had four books at Siren/BookStrand, one per week, so I simplified things and bought all four at once. Here's the lineup:

-Ringo's Ride by Regina Carlsle
-A Secret Treasure by Lindsay Townsend
-Cross Country Chaos by Lesli Richardson
-Ignited by Amber Skyze
-Love At First Sight by Tymber Dalton
-Blue Gold by Lindsay Townsend

I'm also deep into Final Justice by WEB Griffen, and am still disturbed by the jump in time.

And does anyone know how to search for a particular book if you don't know the title or author, only the characters and main plot? I swear; this is driving me insane. I can see the cover in my mind's eye; I can recall all characters. And searching through twenty to thirty boxes of books is NOT an option at the moment!

What brought this on? Last year on another blog, the question about accurate historicles arose, and this was one of the books mentioned. The commentor refused to give out the title, even though I begged her to email me privately. It's been quietly driving me crazy ever since.

Yeah Baby!
Saints and Colts heading to the Super Bowl! Predicted this back in week #8 when both teams were undefeated:) Drew Brees is a Purdue grad who previously played for the San Diego Chargers. New Orleans has never been to the Super Bowl, and it took a Purdue grad to get 'em there!

One of my FB friends posted 'If we'd made a drinking game of every time Favre ended up on his ass, we'd all be hammered by now'; gotta agree. And the news is already saying the Vikings were robbed. I don't care; I watched nearly every second of that game, and it was a tight nail-biter!

In two weeks, GO COLTS!


Linda Kage said...

I'm rooting for the Colts too! And I hope you find that book. What was it about?

barbara huffert said...

Are they characters that may have been quoted? You could try googling them.

Molly Daniels said...

I tried googling them; didn't work.

Bonnie is an orphan who runs away from the workhouse. Damien finds her, takes her in, turns her into a 'lady', falling in love with her along the way. Ring any memory bells?

Someone else was horrified by the historical inaccuracies; I either didn't notice any or didn't care.

Anny Cook said...

Google Bonnie Damien historical romance. That might do it.