Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's the Deal With Women's Footwear?

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I guess I was born without the shoe gene.

You know, the one which dictates you must own nearly every pair of footwear on the shelves? Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City-type.

Maybe it's my chosen profession. After all, I'm a full time mom. I live in sneakers and sandals in the summertime; boots in the winter, and since the move three years ago, my dress shoes are boots in the winter and neutral-colored sandals for church in the summer.

I did break down and buy two pair of crocs; the black clog-ones for bumming around the house, or if I happen to be wearing a black tee and capris, and the red sandal-type, for wearing to the pool or if I'm (likewise) wearing a red tee and capris.

But what about those signings? As much time as I spend on my feet, I'm usually wearing sneakers at the craft fairs. And in the book stores, the above mentioned dress footwear. But I know the day is rapidly approaching where I'm going to want to wear a dress, and need the appropriate shoes.

Buried somewhere in my storage unit are my five pairs of pumps. Inch and a half black; inch and a half white; half an inch black; half an inch white; half an inch blue. I have no idea if any of these even fit me anymore, since I last wore them pre-2001.

I cracked up the SU several years ago because I had a pair of white flats I loved to wear in the summer. I'd purchased them somewhere around 1985 or 6, and when the soles came loose, Shoe Goo patched them back together. A year later, Gorilla Glue did the trick...for about three weeks. I couldn't find a replacement pair anywhere. I even considered finding a pair of heeled white pumps and removing the heel. He refused to shell out the money just so I could break off the heel. I settled for a strappy pair of low-heeled sandals which lasted me until this past summer, when the strap completely broke in two.

While Tabby was looking for boots last Saturday, I was wandering the dress shoe aisle. And for fun, tried on a pair of three-inch purple stillettos. I could only stand to walk about three steps! But the choices were either three inch heels or ballet shoes. And either my shoe size is average or the shoemakers decided to thumb their noses and only make ugly (imho!) shoes available in 9 1/2.

My lack of footwear hasn't bothered me until recently. My toddler is getting more and more independant, and I need not have to chase him as much. But with the writing job doing well, and conferences coming up, I'd like to be well-dressed. Especially for my son's Eagle Scout Ceremony and his graduation. And frankly, I'm getting tired of my black jeans.

Remember several years ago, there was a shoe company which advertized 'sneaker-like comfort in your pumps' or something like that? And the most comfortable pair of dress shoes I used to have were Cobbies. Do they still make those anymore? Guess I need to grab Tabs and go shoe-shopping.


Regina Carlysle said...

I like pretty shoes but these days I opt for comfort. Many years ago, I had a bad accident which messed up my left ankle so comfort is a must. Fortunately slacks are acceptable everywhere so I seldom wear dresses and there are plenty of comfy but cute flats on the market. For day to day wear, I love crocs...fugly as hell but who cares? This Christmas my daughter finally gave in and picked me up a pair of the fur-lined ones. YAY!!!!! Love them.

Unknown said...

I'm all about comfort. I can't remember the last time I was in heels. Though I'm going to be attending conferences this year, so I guess I have to prepare too!