Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Subject: Bridges Newsletter

Happy New Year!

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January Reading Schedule (finances cooperating)
Unexpected Mr. Right-Kelley Nyrae
In The Dark-Rob Graham
A Secret Treasure-Lindsay Townsend

Golden Opportunity- Donna Marie Rogers
Cross Country Chaos-Lesli Richardson

Body Candy-Taylor Tryst
Anytime Darlin’-Julia Barrett

Ral’s Woman-Laurann Dohner
Strip Poker for Two- April Ashe

The Gift-Rob Graham
Blue Gold-Lindsay Townsend
Love at First Sight-Tymber Dalton

Not Off To A Good Start...
All was quiet in the house. The SU was watching TV; the younger kids were playing in the basement. All of a sudden, the sound of shrieks and little feet pounding up the stairs.

"Aunt Molly! Fire! W and J set the trash can on fire!"

We raced downstairs. The SU grabbed the garden hose, turned on the water, and put out the tiny fire blazing in the trash can where I empty the lint filter from the dryer. I opened the back door and took the soaked trash can, the contents now black and smoking, outside. The boys humbly handed over the book of matches they'd found, and showed us where they had found it. A forgotten Red Cross Emergency tackle box, which had sat on the shelf for who knows how long, and assumed empty from the feel of it three years ago when we moved in. Apparently the boys had gotten it down and decided to use it in their camping play. It's still unclear who struck the first match, but at least no one was hurt; Miss Drama Queen tattled at the right time; and now the boys definitely know why you don't play with matches!

Two hours after that excitement was over, I discovered the water heater was leaking. I guess I know what we'll be getting with our tax money this year...

Can I have a do-over?


Lesli Richardson said...

Well, I spent all day sick in bed, feeling a little better today, so I guess I'll quit complaining about that. At least my hubby didn't set fire to anything. *LOL*

Sandra Cox said...

Oh my gosh!
Never a dull moment, hey?

Molly Daniels said...

Not when the 'grandkids' are present, hahaha!

Lesli, hope you feel better soon!