Friday, July 2, 2010

Flashback Friday: Earliest Memories

We moved into our new home and met some of our neighbors. To this day, I'm not sure if what I'm remembering is a dream or if it really happened. No one knows.

I can see our next door neighbors, the girls D and T, and the boy T (who would become my best friend until 2nd grade), standing in nightgowns/pj's and robes, in the side yard as our parents conversed/unloaded the car/whatever. I don't even really remember my mother being pregnant at the time, but logic says she was, since my sister showed up in October! I only remember loving my new room with the brown tile floor, the two windows, and the fact I had two closets. But one was used as the linen closet, and I was not allowed to put any of my 'stuff' in it.

Thank You!
We stopped into Follett's bookstore yesterday, and discovered their supply of my books had dwindled considerably. Which upset me at first; I wanted to buy some of my Love Finds A Way back. To my surprise, none were on the shelves, just seven lonely copies of Love Is Sober, marked down to $2. I bought five of them. When I inquired at the counter, they reported they'd sold the rest, if they weren't on the shelf. So either I did manage to convince my former classmates to buy copies, or they are languishing in a box somewhere. I'm choosing to be optimistic.

Purdue was wonderful; we ended up eating at the Olive Garden Wednesday night, and at Mack Shack in Terre Haute last night. And I just realized I left a gallon of iced tea in my mom's refrigerator. I'll let her know when she gets home.

Tomorrow is S's 16th birthday! She wants to go see Eclipse. No word on what else she wants to do. I've teased her about a Barbie cake! I'll probably get her one with a computer on it.

See you tomorrow!


anny cook said...

Happy Birthday, S! I wish you many, many more.

barbara huffert said...

I think they're being enjoyed, not sitting in a box.

Sandra Cox said...

Happy Birthday, S.
Let me know how everyone likes Eclipse. I'm going Monday.
Ahh, Purdue. Miss it.
Congrats on the book sales! Woo Hoo!