Monday, October 25, 2010

Manic Monday

Currently Reading: I'm 100 pages away from the end of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, and I've found myself conflicted. On one hand, I've enjoyed seeing the 'pieces' come together; on the other, some chapters have really irritated me. At least in this one, the characters get some 'breathing room'; they're not on the go constantly. But at the same time, the flashbacks go on for pages, and you forget they're flashbacks. And sometimes the 'background info' sounds more like a history lecture; an information dump.

I also finished Pretty Maids in a Row and found it enjoyable:) I do confess to having been impatient and peeked to see if I was right about who I suspected, and so while that part of the mystery was solved, the details and another identity were a pleasant surprise.

Next up Print-wise: The First Wives Club. And a neighbor gave me several Fern Michaels books. And yes, haven't forgotten about the rest of Wicked Cool; I should get back to reading it this week. We're planning to finally go north and get the rest of our stuff out of the storage unit.

Why Manic Monday?
Management at the bookstore has decided we really do not need to be open on Sundays or Mondays. And since the laptop I use at work has been sent to the owner's ex-wife, the inventory will have to be finished at home, which means I'll only be able to write in longhand or read during the down time. Unless someone takes pity on me and lets me use their computer....

My hours have also been scaled back, although I'm free to go in whenever I want. So for right now, Mondays may mean housework and errands. Oh, and we're also opening up at 11am instead of 10. So now I'll have more time in the mornings to actually dry my hair before I run out the door:)

This Week:
Hopefully, we'll get the rest of our stuff from the northern storage unit, and eliminate that monthly expense. I also want to finish going through the other half of our unit, and start hauling things to GoodWill. I'm also setting aside some of the MIL's 'pretties' to give away as Christmas gifts to family members and close friends.

I will also finish inventoring the store, and get it transferred to a legible document/file.

Why am I in such a hurry to get this finished? One week from today is the beginning of NaNoWriMo. And I intend to finish another book, or at least accomplish half of it by the end of November.

Come back tomorrow for my interview with Keena Kincaid. Wednesday, I'll have a sneak peek at Sandra Cox's new one, and on Thursday, Becky Moore will be here. And of course, my Friday Flashback to keep you company before the weekend.


Unknown said...

Hopefully today won't be too overwhelming for you. :)

Linda Kage said...

Good luck on the clearing out project. And good luck on Nano.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks you two:) Have already gotten several things accomplished, and am now getting ready to add to the inventory document.