Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome Sandra Cox:)

I have a special treat today:) My dear friend Sandra Cox has dropped by to introduce you to her latest release and offer a contest! I'll be back on Friday. Sandra, the blog is yours today!

As Sarah Miles drives down Eighteenth Street a stranger materializes in front of her car. She throws on her brakes, braces for impact...and drives straight through him. For a moment, his voice filled with quiet despair echoes in her head. Saura. Saura. Then he is gone.

Later that day Sarah discovers the SUNDIAL and her incredible journey through time begins.

In the following excerpt: Sarah has been bitten by a snake and is delirious. Jesse is drawing out the venom.

Sarah felt the damp seep into her clothes and smelt the marshy scent of the bayou. Gentle hands hoisted her leg in the air. Her eyes fluttered open as she felt his lips, teeth and tongue above her ankle.

His coal-black hair fell over his forehead. He had high cheekbones and a hawk-like nose and, even half delirious, Sarah thought he was the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

“If it weren’t for the pain, this would be one of the most erotic moments of my life,” she murmured.

Jesse, who had been about to spit out the meager amount of venom he sucked from the punctures, choked and nearly swallowed it.

He turned his head and spat on the grass, then went back to working on her leg.

Her head swimming, Sarah reached for her backpack. Her vision blurred. She blinked to clear it. The backpack shrank and grew, then shrank again. This must be how Alice felt when she fell down the rabbit hole.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jesse snapped as she unconsciously jerked her leg, smashing it against his mouth.

“I’m getting my sketchbook so I can draw you. I’m an artist you know. You have the most beautiful profile I’ve ever seen.” The words slurred together.

He snorted. “You’re delirious.”

“Probably,” Sarah agreed. “But you are still beautiful.”

A wave of color washed over Jesse’s face. “I’ve never heard a woman talk so much foolishness in my life.” He pushed against the skin around the punctures.

Ouch!” Sarah fainted, but before she completely lost consciousness, she could have sworn he muttered, “Thank God.”

Contest: For a chance to win an autographed copy of SUNDIAL, a ‘seeing’ necklace and a $10 Starbucks giftcard just go to and leave a comment mentioning SUNDIAL and Molly.

The contest runs from Oct. 15 – Nov 14 at 5:00 p.m.

Hostess’s of the SUNDIAL blog tour are invited to enter.

SUNDIAL can be purchased at in paper or e.


Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for hosting me, Molly. Glad to be here!

Linda Kage said...

Hi, Sandra (that's my sister's name BTW)!!

How nice to meet you. Love your blurb and excerpt. That line about if she wasn't in so much pain this would be the most erotic moment of her life cracked me up!

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks, Linda! Nice to meet you too!

Chris J. said...

Hi Sandra,
Sundial sounds wonderful and funny! It is now on my ust have list. :)
I love how she drives through him, boy that would freak me out. lol

Thank you for the blog and the chance to win. Best Wishes!