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Terrific Thursday with Berengaria Brown:)

Welcome! Please introduce yourself and tell us about your latest release.


My name is Berengaria Brown and I’m a multipublished author of erotic romance: contemporary, paranormal (ghosts, vampires and werewolves) and Regency-set historical. I love to read all different kinds of romance so that is what I write: one man/one woman; two women; two men; two men/one woman; three men…. Whatever the characters need for their very hot happily-ever-after, Berengaria makes sure they get it.

Have you ever had an idea for a story which scared you after you began writing it?

Not scared me, no, but several times the characters have derailed my plans and insisted on sending the story in the direction they wanted it to go.

Have you incorporated actual events from your own life into your books?

No, but I have used facets of personalities or situations from people I know. I have a family member who is a chronic asthmatic, and that gave me the idea for the heroine, Tia, of “Complexity”. I thought, why shouldn’t an asthmatic have her own happy ever after.

How much research do you do? Do you research first and then write, or do you write first, then research as needed?

The characters just arrive in my head and start talking. When they have decided their identities, then I begin to do the actual writing and that usually moves fairly quickly. All my sex scenes are role played to make sure the arms and legs and other parts work the way I have written them. And I do all the same research as writers of suspense or crime, making sure geography, history, and facts are correct.

Is there any message you want readers to take from reading your work?

No matter what their flaws, no matter how ordinary a person may be, everyone is entitled to a happy every after.

Are you a plotter or a pantser? And have you ever had a story take on a life of its own?

A mixture of both. I have an outline in my head, but things may change along the way. With “Intensity” I thought I was writing Keziah’s story. But John Smith’s ghost just appeared out of nowhere and took over. So I was not at all surprised when I started to write “Complexity”, which is set in the same world as “Intensity”, and another ghost appeared. What can a writer do? Some days I think I just take dictation. LOL:) Some days, that's how I feel also!

How long did it take for you to be published?

About a year from the time I decided to try seriously to get a book published. But because I had submitted several different books to different publishers, I had several books release quite quickly.

If you could go back and tell yourself anything when you first began your writing career, what would you say?

I took writing very seriously, researched publishers and the types of books they accepted, so I think that helped me be successful.

Laptop or pen and ink? What are your ‘must-haves’ when writing?

Laptop. I never go anywhere without it. And sometimes when the boss thinks I am working on company projects, it’s just possible, that maybe, I’m writing.

Who are your favorite authors? Who would you say influenced you the most?

Georgette Heyer influenced me to try writing Regency-set historicals. Jaid Black introduced me to erotic romance.

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?

I am addicted to chocolate and vacations. Or vacations with chocolate.

Thank you for being here today! Please tell us where we can find your books.

Thank you for inviting me here to play.


“Complexity” Blurb:

An asthmatic unwilling to relax enough to enjoy life, two men hell-bent on putting their stamp on her, an embezzler who wants to keep what he has stolen, and the ghost of a murdered girl. Will an endless night of passion with Finn and Simeon be pure pleasure, or only make Tia’s life more complex and messy than it already is?

Tia agrees to a night of unbelievably hot sex with Finn and Simeon, and is beginning to think she may have a future with them. Especially when the ghost makes her realize that her asthma is not nearly as bad as it used to be.

But the two men are so protective they don’t want her to help the ghost. And Tia never breaks her promises. Will frequent acrobatic sex be a solution or just add to the complexity?

“Complexity” Excerpt PG

“How do you reckon Tia has done her hair today? Up on her head in a twist? All plaited up into a French braid? I like it best when she has it loose, hanging all the way down her back, almost to that delicious ass of hers.”

“So we’re going from our apartment on the seventeenth floor to our office on the twelfth floor via the concourse again today, are we?” Phineas Templeton III grinned at his partner, Simeon.

Simeon wasn’t the only one who wanted to see more of Tia, the totally delicious concourse receptionist. They had enticed her into their bed three times in the past two months, and that was not nearly enough for either of them. Convincing her to get hot and naked with them more often was proving difficult, though. The lady had a mind of her own, and she was astoundingly difficult to pin down considering she was seated on the concourse, at the reception desk, in the same building they lived and worked in, for eight hours every day.

“We haven’t asked her out yet this week. Let’s try our luck,” urged Simeon.

“Okay. How about suggesting the rooftop restaurant here, then, so we can take her there straight after work for an early meal?”

“I like the way you’re thinking. Main course in the restaurant and Tia for dessert in our apartment. You don’t think she’ll feel that’s not really going out to dinner? Like we’re just using her or something?”

“Hell! I hadn’t thought of that. But we’ve wined her and dined her and danced her feet off, and she still slips out of our hands. Getting her into our arms is harder than herding cats!”

“Cats. Pussy. Tia. Now I’ve got the hard-on from hell. I’m betting her hair is in a plait or braid.”

“Nah. I reckon it’ll be up in a twist thing on her head.”

The elevator door pinged, and the men stepped off on the concourse level of the building. Tia was talking on the phone, and Garry, the senior day security guard, was chatting to a group of office workers standing near the fountain in the center of the concourse.

Finn and Simeon nodded at him before walking across toward Tia’s desk. Tia looked up at them and smiled, her whole face lighting up in pleasure when she saw them approaching.

“Shit, she’s hot. My cock’s going to burst,” whispered Simeon.

“Get your mind out of your pants. We need to woo her, not scare her away. And we’re both wrong. Her hair’s in a ponytail.”

“Hey, Tia. Happy Wednesday,” said Simeon resting his arms on the top of the reception counter to get as close as possible to Tia, and also to hide his erection, which was making his suit pants way too tight. “I like that blue outfit on you. It really brings out the color of your eyes.”

“Hi, Simeon. Hi, Finn. What can I help you with this morning?” Tia’s reply was not cold but not nearly as welcoming as her smile had been.

Shit, we’ve blown it already. She must’ve seen my erection.

“We were hoping you would be free after work this evening. We’d like to take you up to the restaurant for an early dinner.” Phineas stepped smoothly into the gap when Simeon didn’t speak.

Tia stood up and crossed her arms over her chest.

Ah shit! Bad body language. Rejection alert.


“And only what you want. You can call the tune. But please, at least spend some time with us over a meal.” Shit! Shit! Shit! Now I sound desperate, but we both want her so much. She’s everything we could imagine and hope for in a playmate and more. So much more.

“Okay. I’ll come to dinner with you. But no candles, no scent, and no grilling food at the table.”

“Yes!” Simeon pumped his fist in the air.

Complexity is set in the same world as “Intensity” but is a standalone story.

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Berengaria Brown


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anny cook said...

Heh. Excellent interview! Hmmmm. Vacations with chocolate... I wonder...

Berengaria Brown said...

Thank you, Molly, for inviting me over to play.
Hi Anny, A vacation would not be a vacation without chocolate!

Mary Corrales said...

Absolutely right about vacations, Berengaria. Leave the husband at home and just take the chocolate.

Unless, he will let you dip him in cocolate, then he can go. lol


Molly Daniels said...

Thank YOU, Berengaria, for being here today:) Your books are on my TBB list, and I'll eventually get to them!

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Hello Berengaria,

Now who can go out of the house with some good chocolate in their purse? Lovely post.

The books looks as yummy as chocolate. Thanks for sharing.

Berengaria Brown said...

Hi Mary, Hi Lorie
Thank you for dropping by.
Ah yes, chocolate and a good book, and maybe a yummy hunk or two as well, life doesn't get much better than that.