Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Are You KIDDING Me? (pt 2)

Saw this yesterday and it was the topic of discussion on the radio:

"No more F's, because it makes students feel bad..."

"Students will now get 'H's instead, and given multiple chances to improve their grade."

"No more valedictorian...the speech at  graduation will be determined by a random draw..."


What idiot thought that up?

So the kid who actually CARES about his GPA and works his/her heart out doesn't get the chance to be first in his/her class?  And the kid who wants to drop out but stays in due to parental pressure will be taken by the hand and given chance after chance to 'improve'?  Oh, and might get chosen to give the speech.

Give me a break!

I received three 'F's in school.  One in 7th grade history (I hated the teacher); one in 9th grade Biology (again, disliked the teacher); and the first time I took Econ in college (you guessed it; teacher was the reason!).

Did it make any difference to my self-esteem?  Okay, I admit; I was terrified to tell my parents.  But after we talked about it and discussed options, I was okay.  I survived it.  My fellow students were to blame for my 'self-esteem' issues, lol (I got over that also!)

I have one kid who worked hard to get out of the #3 slot....his BFF was #1, and there was a girl between them.  He was thrilled the day he finally 'jumped over' her.

I have another child who does well, but since we're in another school system, could care less about her GPA.  The rule at our house is Do Your Best....and if she brings home a C or less, we talk about improving.  She was a straight A and B student up until HS, so I know she can do it.

Now the youngling is in a class by himself, figuratively.  We think he either is dyslexic or ADD; the forms have been filled out and testing is coming soon.  His reading IS improving, and he's starting to 'get' his math skills.  We'll most likely have to retain him this year, unless something happens and the switch in his brain suddenly engages.

But I do NOT want him handled with 'kid gloves'.  If he's not making the grade, let me know!  There are resources to get him where he needs to be.

If this goes through, we'll be raising a generation of kids who think they will get multiple chances to 'get the job done'.  And I don't see Donald Trump willing to risk it.

Currently Reading:  Finished Angel by Sharon Hamilton last week, and OMG!  Recommended Read!  It's a little long, and at first I thought I had the plot figured out.  Nope; she surprised me and went another direction.  And now she tells me a sequel will soon be available, so I'm eagerly looking forward to it!  Good job Sharon!  I'm now up to page 50 (I think!) in Motor City Wolf by Cindy Spencer Pape.  I'll be honest; the first two books in this series didn't interest me, but MSW got my attention the first time she posted the blurb.  And after reading the first couple of chapters, I now want to read the other two!  I love the characters, and want to read their 'back story'.  So slap me upside the head....I love Cindy's other books, so why the hell did I think this series would be any different?


Unknown said...

Ok, this is just wrong. If my child is struggling I want to know and I want to find a way to correct it. I don't want him/her coddled. I'm not sure why people want to continue to lower the standards. Frustrating.

Anny Cook said...

Gah. I'm soooooo glad my kids aren't in school anymore.'ll love the Motor City series...

Linda Kage said...

Oh, yeah, this will really help prepare kids for adulthood, when they have to go out into the work place and actually compete against other people for the first time in their life for a job. NOT!

I can't believe I have to send my kid out into this kind of new world. Scary.