Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Saw this when I logged onto my email this morning:  'Congresssman Barely Gets By On $400K'...

According to the report, after this guy pays his employees, rent, utilities, etc, this leaves him 'only' $200K to feed his family.  A family, may I add, which consists of he and his wife and four GROWN children.  WTH?

He should try living on MY budget, which in previous years reached as high as 45K per year, but has now dwindled to around $28K.  Bringing my monthly income to just over $2300.  After our fixed expenses are paid, this leaves us roughly $1200 for food, gas, and other.  And the past two months, we've been down to a $50 budget for the week, in order to stretch our pennies until the 1st of the month.  I challenge him to live on OUR budget for six months!

This guy is from Louisiana.  I have no idea what his economic background is, but the article states his salary from Congress is $174K, which would THRILL me.  But wait, if he lives in the Washington DC area, yeah, the cost of living is a bit higher out there.  And there are social obligations.  But good God...do they eat out all the time at  high end restaurants?  Buy top of the line groceries/clothing/cars?  Take expensive vacations?  Support his four grown children?

Makes no sense.

And here's another one:  Our governor was on the CBS Sunday Morning program, talking about his decision not to run for President.  According to the report, he's turned our state around by making 'hard decisions.'  You know what?  He's leased out our state overseas.  To pay for our unnecessary new interstate, a European country has taken it over and will be a toll road when it's finished, and our state will not see one penny of that money for maybe twenty years.  The money he received for the road?  He invested in GM and lost it when GM filed bankruptcy.  In the last election, he held monies that were supposed to go for road construction so there would be money in the bank.  The guy looked good on paper, but even his own supporters turned against him.

Switching Gears....
Haven't talked a great deal about writing lately; I'm still waiting for my Love On The Rocks edits to arrive; I was led to believe they'd be here the week after Labor Day, but nothing yet.  I'll give her until Monday, then send her another humorous email.  In the meantime, I've been working on self edits for Forbidden Love, and Kenzie's Teacher's Pet edits arrived last Friday.  Had a hectic weekend and finished the prologue yesterday.  Hoping to get through Ch 1 today, even with today's crazy schedule:

10am-Younling's dental appointment
2:30:  S's Physical Therapy
6:30:  BSA Popcorn Kickoff.

Add in a couple of extra kids whose mom is in the hospital and an uncooperative spouse, and that doesn't leave me a great deal of time.  As I posted the other day on Face Book:  Maybe I need to give up sleep?   Nah...

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