Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Friday: A Community Divided

Recap:  I'd returned from vacation to discover a mutiny in progress in our Youth Baseball League.  The current VP had decided to take over as President, and appointed one of my 'friends' in my position.

On top of the 9/11 attacks, our tiny community was in an uproar over what had transpired at the banquet.  H and L had their supporters; others expressed outrage and loyalty to me.  The kids who had helped out all season long saw me and expressed their anger and sorrow, because 'You made it FUN!'

In the meantime, my oldest was playing football for the first time, and excelling.  To the chagrin of a neighbor, her child wasn't chosen for a lot of play time, and mine was.  Since she was also behind in her babysitting payments, I decided the best way to handle it would be to write out what I thought was owed and see if it 'jived' with her accounting.  I approached her very non-threatening; just handed her the piece of paper and asked if she thought it was accurate.  The amount owed was just over $100.  I told her, "Catch me up by Christmas, and we're good."

She chose to act as if in shock and scoot farther away from me.  I pretended not to notice.

Two days later, she called me and said L had agreed to watch her kids for her.  I lost my temper.

"Will she watch them when they're sick?  Will she watch them during the holidays?  Will she be willing to take them here and there?"  (I knew from previous conversations L refused to watch kids with a hint of the sniffles, and didn't want to watch other kids during school breaks.)

C snapped back at me, and on Saturday, came storming across the parking lot with a wad of money in her hand.  "Here's your @#$$%% money, and WE'RE DONE!'

Two other moms overheard the exchange and asked me what it was about.  I simply stated the facts; and during the game, another mom came up to me and told me C was telling another version of the story.  Instead of getting angry, I pulled out MY copy of the original 'bill' and showed it.  Some of the moms began to cluster around me, rather than C.  I regret losing my temper in the first place; but 18 months later would reveal C had a chemical imbalance and needed medication.  All would be forgiven in 2002....if I could hang in there.

Next Month:  Learning just how valuable my child was to his football team!

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