Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mixed-Up Flashback Friday....

I've been a bad blogger this week.  But in my defense, I didn't want to bore you with mindless rambling.  And yes, today is actually Saturday, but time got away from me yesterday.

Today's flashback is actually going to be 2001's, because it's the ten-year anniversary of that horrible day.  And since tomorrow is going to be flooded with memories, tributes, etc, I thought I'd get mine in early.  1981 will be posted next week, and 1991 after that.  October should be back on track.

First of all, the Saturday's Stupid Saying (because you've missed it, right?  LOL!):
I'll tell you, it's Big Business.  If there is one word to describe Atlantic City, it's Big Business.  Or two words-Big Business.

Donald Trump

Friday Flashback:  2001:
(reposted from 2008)

Ten years ago, I was composing an email to a friend when I realized the radio was no longer playing music. I really couldn't hear it anyway, so I kept typing. Suddenly an IM popped up on my computer screen with the news an airplane had hit a building in New York and to go watch the news. I typed, "BRB...just got a message about a plane hitting a NY building." and went to investigate.

What followed was something out of a horror movie.

People running in the streets; news anchors interviewing witnesses covered in debris; the initial videos of the plane hitting the towers. I went back to my home office and told my friend I'd continue later and hit 'send'. I went back to the news and arrived just in time to see the second plane hit the other tower.

I called my mother, who told me about a 3rd plane in Pennsylvania, and as we were on the phone, the Pentagon was hit. We hung up so we could pay attention to the news.

And then the towers started falling.

But what struck me the most was the issue of how people faced death. If you're faced with the possibility of burning to death, or jumping out of a 80-story building, which do you choose? Do you try to get out and hope you're one of the lucky ones, or do you give your life to God and hope for a swift death? Or do what so many did, and jump out the window, hoping you either a) land on somnething soft or b) die of fright before you hit the ground? Those images of what I watched will stay with me forever.

People began questioning 'Where was God while this was happening?'  And then the stories began trickling in.

About people whose alarm clocks failed to function.

People who, for whatever reason, decided to take an alternate route or duck into a coffee shop before going to work.

People whose cars refused to start.

The bus was late.

The subway was packed and they had to wait for another train.

Sudden traffic jams.

Now, the tenth anniversary is upon us, and is our country any safer?  Sure, the mastermind has been caught, killed, and body disposed of.  

And we've proved we don't fall apart in the wake of tragedy.  We pull together as a nation to help, whether it's donating blood; sending in donations of money, food, and clothing; or sending manpower.  Some of us simply choose to pray.

My QT urges everyone to "recall the kind acts which were prevalent in in the aftermath of our national tragedy.  Let those memories motivate you to notice needs around you and to reach out with Christ's love.  In addition, think about a disaster in the news this year, and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal ways to pray for families that are still suffering.  Your concern can have a profound impact."


James L. Hatch said...

Hi Molly: I'm blogging on the "Why" of 9-11 tomorrow on SASD. A day doesn't go by that I don't think of that day. I wonder if the pain will ever fade.

Lacie Nation said...

I don't go a day without thinking of it either. I remember driving to the ambulance station to start my shift. The DJ on the radio was talking about a plan had hit a building. I wasn't paying attetion so I didn't get the details. When I got to work, I walked to dispatch and saw the WTC smoking. A few moments later the 2nd plane hit. I felt violated. My mom called me and told me about the pentagon being hit and the plane in Pen. She begged me not to go into the city (Atlanta). I told her I had to go. People would still get sick or have accedents and need my help. On the way into the city I was in tears and felt strange for crying over all these people I had never met. When I looked out my window I saw women in their cars, big rugged men in their semi trucks...all crying. WOrking in public safty I know how it would play out and the firemen and other public saftey workers would go in while others ran away. WHen those towers fell I knew before anyone said a word that hundreds of brave men and women parished doing their jobs.

Anonymous said...

I still have my TV Guide cover; I've got VHS tapes of some of the specials, and really wish I'd recorded the events as they were happening....but of course was in shock! And I LOVE Lisa Beamer's book 'Let's Roll' there's a hero! If what the posts on FB is true, and the firefighters, police officers, etc...didn't get an invite to the ceremony, what the hell is wrong with our leaders? And Kenzie will have plenty to say on Monday....


Anonymous said...

Oh, EXACTLY Lacie! Only an idiot with a heart of stone didn't cry that day! Especially the sight of those people leaping to their really makes you stop and wonder, 'what would I do in that situation?'

Judy King said...

My husband and I were visiting my Dad in Ohio, he came from New York, grew up there and we were suppose to fly back home to Sydney, Australia just days after 9-11. To this day I find myself in chills and crying over the memories of that fateful day. It stunned all of us and we had family that were for some reason away from the area that day. Fate? It is a difficult time to remember that day, but it remains fresh with saddness in our thoughts and feelings even now.

Judy King

Marianne Stephens said...

I can't help but cry viewing shows/reports about 9/11. It brings back the horrible memories of watching everything unfold live on TV and knowing no one could predict or stop it.
We were no longer safe at home as we thought. Too many lives were lost. Our sense of security was lost. We're more vigilant now; a different people than before.

Donna B said...

I have a post on my blog today, just a tribute to all the heroes, and a prayer for all the families of those who died.
Yes, God's hand certainly did guide many people so they weren't there that day.
I pray that God will continue to bless this country - and that we will never forget!