Friday, September 16, 2011

Flashback Friday: Age Does Matter At Times....

Story Thus Far: A year earlier, I'd made friends with a senior boy, and we enjoyed each other's company while at Youth Group and Choir at our church.  He encouraged me to try out for band, and even took me on my first group dates.  Now, he'd graduated and was off to Purdue, while I was starting my sophomore year in high school.  Since I was now attending a new school, I was beginning to see other guys my age, in hopes of getting to know them better.  Including the good looking one who sat across from me in 5th hour English Lit.

Sept 1981:  
My crush spoke to me!  We were about to take our first test in English Lit, and while we were putting our books under our seats, J leaned over to me.

"Pssst!  What's the difference between Comedy and Tragedy?"

I told him (can't remember what the answer is now, lol!).


After class, he caught up with me.

"You really saved me back there.  That was the only question I would have gotten wrong."

"You're welcome..."

I was thrilled!  Would this open the door to more conversations before and after class?  I could hardly wait until the next day.

But when I arrived, our desks had been rearranged in a horseshoe.  J was now clear across the room from me, and it would be months before we'd speak again.

Meanwhile, the first Sunday after Labor Day I got word that friend D was at the college Sunday School class.  During the half hour between services, I patiently waited while D talked to everyone first.  A nice young man approached me, and we began chatting.  Until the following conversation took place.

"Are you a freshman?"

"No; sophomore."

"What's your major?"

"I'll have one in English, Music, History, and Home Ec."

"No, what's your field of study?"

"I want to major in Child Care when I get to college."

" said you were a sophomore."

"I am; in high school."

BAM!  End of conversation.  The guy rolled his eyes and walked away.  Fortunately, D reached my side just then and swept me into his arms.  We talked, and his part of the conversation was all about college.  Mine was all about band and my first few weeks at school.

After church, he introduced me to some of his new friends, and soon the conversation was over my head as they spoke about calculus, dorm life, etc.  When my parents made it clear they weren't going to wait much longer for me, D hugged me and said he'd see me the following week.

He didn't show up for the first football game, and certainly not the first band competition.  And at church, he was engrossed with his new friends.  I realized then that we'd outgrown each other, and we began drifting apart.  But I'll always remember his kindness to a lowly freshman and made her feel special for several months.

Next Month:  Marching Band Memories:)


An Open Book said...

I LOVE books that go back in time to the lost love- will be adding to my TBR and review list
Dawne P

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks for stopping by Dawne:) My sophomore year of HS was a little less drama-filled, but things get exciting again in November-March...