Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life Update

(Holds up hands) I know what you're thinking; three posts this week?  I'll admit; my blogging has slacked off in recent months.  My online time was limited over the summer, and with the addition of my 45 minute walk, it's nearly lunchtime when I finish with the email and Facebook updates.  Add to that a daughter who goes to physical therapy twice a week and a son with flag football practice three nights a week plus cub scouts, and my time is not my own anymore.

But I've tried to make an effort...and some of you still come back and 'see' me, so thought I'd update you on what's going on in the writing life.

1)  I'm still waiting for my official edits to arrive for Love On The Rocks, which is due to be released sometime in the next five weeks.

2)  I finished self-editing Love Finds A Way and sent it to my editor.

3) Was in the middle of self-editing Forbidden Love when Kenzie's editor sent edits for Teacher's Pet.

4) Had to take a crash course in track changes in order to show said editor that I DID make changes; I'm currently having to copy/paste one chapter at a time and show changes.  As you may guess, this is time consuming.

5) I'm also gearing up for a busy October:  I have signings lined up for the 1st, 8th, and 22nd.  I'll try to update my schedule of events to the right.

6) I've been hooked on reruns of The Waltons, and now it appears I've seen just about every episode...but I think there are still a few I've missed, so will keep checking the daily schedule (three per day).  I HAVE been keeping up with Survivor, and kept up with Big Brother over the summer. (Note to self:  Need to blog about the winner...)

7) Our income had dropped so much since the spouse retired, the kids qualified for Medicaid, which also pays for dental visits.  Both S and W had cavities, so next week they're getting those taken care of.

8) Even though we qualified for Medicaid, we still make $300 too much for food stamps.  Grrrrr.....maybe my royalty check will cover the holiday baking supplies?

9) The SU told me he can tell I've lost inches from my waistline and my stomach seems to be firming again.  Now if my butt would shrink....

10) CK (college kid) is missing his little brother, and skypes with him at least once a week:)

Anything interesting you'd care to share with me?


Unknown said...

I'm just as busy. Hope it settles down for you soon!

Molly Daniels said...

I hope so too....when it rains it POURS around here.

Just looked at my schedule for next week: Dau has two PT appts; one Dr appt; one dentist.

W has one dentist appoint in addition to all his other stuff. Plus, I chipped a tooth, so I'M headed to the dentist! Jeez!