Friday, September 23, 2011

Flashback Friday: Football!

Sept 1991:
I was now nearly seven months pregnant and finally showing.  I'd bought some maternity clothes, and my boss at the country club gave me the okay to wear my white uniform shirt on the outside of my black work pants.  One of my 'favorite' kids, now off to college, brought three of his friends in, sat at my table, and pointed to my obvious condition.

"She's carrying my baby."

I swatted him on the head with a menu and rolled my eyes.

"In your dreams, J.  Only in your dreams."

I also met my new doctor.  My previous OB-GYN was too expensive, so I swallowed my pride and applied for Medicaid.  And was assigned a new doctor, whom I didn't like at first.

I argued with the nurse, who wanted me to undress.  I told her I HAD been getting monthly check ups, and was in good health, and on prenatal vitamins.  Dr. White came in, took a look at my chart, and agreed that since my file had been faxed over, there was no need for an internal exam.  He checked the baby's heartbeat and my general health and sent me on my way, agreeing with the previous doctor to restrict my lifting to ten pounds and not to do anything strenuous.  He also questioned my weekend job, but when I informed him the busboys were taking care of me, and not letting me carry anything larger than two dinner plates, he calmed down.  And sent me to the lab for my gestational diabetes test and scheduled me for a Rhogam shot.  And speaking about said shot...

"Mom, It's True:   I was Switched At Birth!"
My entire life I'd been told my blood type was Rh+.  So when the lab told me I was Rh-, I 'knew' something was wrong, and had them retest.  Again, Rh-.  When I went back for a third test, the results were the same.

"'re going to HAVE to accept the fact you're Rh negative."

I went home and called my mother, who couldn't believe the news.  We had a good laugh over my 'switched at birth' joke, then called me several days later after searching for everyone's blood type.

"Turns out we're not sure what your dad's blood type is; there's no record of it!"

She sent HIM to the lab, and sure enough, I'd inherited his blood type!   Which meant...I needed a Rhogam shot, since my new hubby's blood type was RH+.

Football Season:
I discovered something about my husband of four months:  He was NOT a fan of Monday Night Football.  And since we only had one TV, I was not able to watch it.  The previous year (not sure if I mentioned this or not, lol!), I made a pizza bet with one of my co-workers on MNF, and out of 10 weeks, I only had to pay up three times.   Yes, he bought me seven pizzas that fall:)

Colts fans, help me out!  Was Jeff George still the QB in 1991?  If he was, I preferred Jack Trudeau, the backup QB.  George was always getting hurt, and Jack did a much better job of getting the ball down field.  And was this the year we joked about taping Eric Dickerson's paycheck to the ball so he'd hang onto it?

Kitten Update:
Our 'grand-kittens' were now five months old.  We took Gizmo to the vet to have her spayed; the boys wandered around the apartment in shock, since she had to stay overnight (Tag was especially upset, lol!).  Mama Smokey continued to come by the apartment for food, but she refused to enter.  Especially if the kittens would run to the door.


Unknown said...

If you look at pics of my 14 yr old at birth and then at 8 months you would think someone switched her. She went from looking like a dark haired budda to a blondish blue eye babe.
I hate those shots. I had to have them every pregnancy.

Unknown said...

Mom had to have them with me, from what I understand. And she was still so sick with me, despite the shots, that her pregnancy was miserable. And then, the poor, poor woman, look WHAT she got out of it! hahaha

Molly Daniels said...

Amber: Did you have have both? My boys came out positive like their dad. With K, the both hurt. With W, only the second one hurt. My baby girl ended up being negative, but the before shot was pain-free!

Molly Daniels said...

BC: Maybe that explains you...(j/k!!) LOL:)

My pregancy with S was miserable. Constant sinus infections, and couldn't take antibiotics. I LIVED on Sudafed and Actifed. And she's the healthiest one of the bunch; go figure....