Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Currently Reading:  LOVED How To Woo A Reluctant Lady:) Recommended Read, if you can stand all the 'meddling' (some parts drove me crazy...). Now getting ready to dive into Jamie Carie's A Duke's Promise.  E-book-wise:  Reading Desiree Holt's Collision Course, and I'm nearly 3/4 of the way through it. Very entertaining!  Also reading Cindy Christianson's Not Quite Zen on my computer and enjoying the classic TV references.  What's driving me slightly batty is the heroine and lead detective's 'suspicious' nature. Not going to reveal things, but I'd think the detective should have made her aware of certain information which should have come to light during the private talk between himself and the suspicious character.

The week went by so quickly, I nearly forgot to keep reading this darn thing!

Quick note of note of good news:  Kenzie's Class Reunion now has another editor, who would like to get this book publishable in the next month:)  So three years after completing it, I'll finally see it in PDF form!  Oh happy just need cover art.

But anyway; back to the weekly commentary:

Ch. 21:
She awakens and frets about why she can't touch him w/o his permission.  How many days have passed since he explained his rules?  Geez, woman....get a clue!

PP 369-70:  I'm a little confused.  First of all, I get the fact she's embarrassed by greeting the housekeeper/chef when only wearing a T-shirt.  I'd be mortified also.  But what I don't get is, she goes to his study and sees him facing the window.  I'm assuming his back is to her.  So how does she know if he's looking down, up, or straight ahead?  Keep in mind he's on the phone.  Then he 'glances up and sees me'.  So his back isn't to the door?  He's in profile?  If his back was to her, then he'd have to turn or pivot, right?  But if he's in profile....he'd still have to turn his head.  'Glancing up' implies he was facing her, and looking down at his desk, not out the window.

Pg 373:  I really don't understand why, after sex, she's disturbed by the fact he had a condom in his pocket.  Maybe he was a Boy Scout.  'Always Be Prepared'.  So why does HE look confused?  I don't understand this particular exchange.  And so what if he's had sex on his desk before?  He's how old again?  That's what you get when you date a man with 'experience'.  Get a grip on yourself.  If you want a man w/o a 'past', date a virgin.  Geez.

Pg 374:  I'm guessing the 'muttering' is from her suddenly bad mood?

Pg 375:  Ummmm....something is missing here.  She notices K's dress hanging up, but then after she puts on her shoes, the dress and everything else is suddenly on her person?  Wow....clean and laundered clothing can magically transport....I want Mrs. J's secret to this.  Think of all the time it will save!

Pg 376:  OMFG....we're back to the 'I refuse to accept you spending money on me...'  If I were dating a billionaire, and he offered me the use of his private jet to go see my parents....and avoid all the hassle at the airport and the TSA rules....I'd accept it in a heartbeat!  Is this girl a glutton for punishment?  Oh, wait....I get it....she's in training to be a sub!  So obviously she must suffer like the rest of us lowly people who travel via airlines....

Pg 378:  "He likes  control over everything, including me."  Ummmm, yeah, that's the whole point of being a Dom.

Pg 388:  She finds she's been upgraded to 1st Class....and complaining about it?  Is she that stupid and idiotic?  Let me tell you something:  When I was thirteen or fourteen, we ended up flying 1st Class once due to overbooking.  And I enjoyed it!  So shut up, lady, and enjoy this.  I wasn't old enough to be offered coctails, but I enjoyed the wider seats, the private headphones and music (at the time).  Yes, we only flew from Indiana to Florida, but we LOVED it!

Ch 22:
PP 390-92:  She emails him before the flight, and gets a little daring.   So why does she 'almost' hug herself with glee?  Go ahead and hug yourself!  Any normal person would.  Then her conscience kicks in and she worries about him getting angry over leaving out certain information.  That was the whole point; to see how far you can push him!  Too late to worry about the ramifications; you hit 'send' and now it's too late to 'unsend'.  Pull up your big girl panties (if you're wearing any...) and suck it up.  Then she panics because the seat beside her is empty, and her imagination kicks into overdrive.  Do you not remember the man has a private jet???  Why would he book himself on your flight when he can hop in his own plane or helicopter?   Paranoid b**ch.

Pg 397:  Okay; the girl's got a big vocabulary.  but seriously, 'mercurial'?  Used twice in two paragraphs/  Where's her editor again?

Pg 412:  Again with the 'ten dollar college words', as my spouse is fond of saying.  'Concupiscent effect'?  (Yes, I had to look it up.)  I'd think a man like C would just say she makes him horny.  And then she fumes because he's having dinner with 'an old friend', and jumps to the conclusion it's #1 lady, and she mentally calls the other woman a 'child molester'.  And to back up a moment, why does she assume C's slept with his housekeeper/cook?  That made no sense.

And at the end of the chapter we find out that yes, indeed, C did hop into his private jet and is now at the same restaurant where she's dining with her mom and stepfather.  Ch 23 should be very entertaining.  See you next week!


Fiona McGier said...

I'm all for using words that expand upon the normal vernacular, but that one is kind of "iffy" in an erotic description. "Turgid" might have been better...

Once again, thanks for doing this, so others of us don't have to! ;-D

Molly Daniels said...

You're welcome Fiona:) Just checked; there are 26 chapters, so I might finish the book next week with all 4 chapters.

jean hart stewart said...

So glad I don't have to read the damn thing, which I'd decided not to anyway. Your comments are very intertaining.

Cara Marsi said...

Molly, I look forward to your reviews of TBTWNBN. Congratulations on your new editor and getting your book out.

Carrie said...

Another sarcastically funny installment!


Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Carrie:) I try to please!

Anonymous said...

Hi Molly. Love the humor you add to your comments. Congrats on your new editor and getting your book out. :)