Friday, October 12, 2012

Flashback Friday: Band Contests Galore:)

Oct 1982:
There's a reason I didn't post yesterday.  Wednesday's 'no panty' theme fits perfectly into today's Flashback.  No, this won't be a TMI moment, not for me anyway:)  But once again, I get ahead of myself.

I would be remiss in leaving out an unpleasant memory.  I had met a man of rather short stature at church, and I'd enjoyed roller skating with him at a skating party for both the Sr High Youth Fellowship and the College group.  Several of the people I'd known two years prior had gone, as well as my own group of friends, so when this person asked me to skate with him on the 'Couples' songs, I felt at ease with him.  But soon he began to pay too much attention to me, and I didn't know how to tell him I wasn't interested.  He even showed me the lifts in his shoes so he'd be taller.  I didn't care; I just wished he'd find someone his own age (I was 16, he was 26 or 7).  And the day he showed up during band practice, he happened to pick a day when K and I had been having one of our classic arguments.  So when F showed up, I'm sorry to say I played a dirty trick.  I put my arm around him as K walked by, and even kissed him.  But once K was out of sight, I reverted back to 'friend' mode.  And that mixed signal caused him to ask a mutual friend for my phone number.

I felt trapped; I couldn't 'fess up I'd somewhat encouraged him, and my parents were not thrilled at the attention he was paying me.  I scolded the friend who'd given out my number, and spoke at length with others as to how to politely tell him to bug off.

Finally, my father had a chat with him, and he left me alone.  Relieved, I went back to enjoying A's (my tuba player) company.

"But what about the no-panties?"

I'm getting there.  When you're on a band trip, 'normal' people wear shorts and sweat pants, so when it's time to change into your band pants, all you have to do is shed one layer on a co-ed bus.  Two weeks after A and I began 'dating', we were happily snuggled together on a bus to one of the band concerts.  When it became time to get into uniform, A whispers to me, "I don't wear underwear.  Will you shield me while I take off my jeans and get my uniform pants on?"

Slightly taken aback at his admission, I turned my back to him and hugged the knowledge to myself that I could, at any time, turn around and catch him naked below the waist!  But I didn't, and we helped each other  with getting wrist guard thingies (blanking on what they're called), gloves, hats, and belts in the right place.  Across the aisle, another girl who was in the color guard with me, was also blocking her boyfriend from public scrutiny as he changed into his uniform.

Looking back, this may not seem as risque' as it felt back then (compared to today's teenage standards), but it was still exciting in a teenage-angst kind of way:)

Next month:  The Land Of The Little People!

Present Day:
Rocked the 'Roke last night!
-Invincible (nailed it, even the high notes!)
-Chains of Love (Did okay, but an taking it off my list.  A little low at the start.)
-Calling All Angels (nailed it!  Even had the bar patrons singing with me:)
-Baby One More Time (was okay on it, and had people cheer at the end)
-Come A Little Bit Closer (Did okay; even managed to switch it around:  'Come a little bit closer, I'm your kind of man, so big and so strong...'  Still, I doubt I'll ever sing it again.)

Then I had to leave at midnight.

The spouse agreed to a new bed yesterday, so we bought one.  And I liked it so much, I overslept this morning.  So running behind, and will fill you in on my upcoming hectic weekend on Monday:)


Carrie said...

Thanks for sharing your story, but yeah, I'd have to say that feeling of risqueness has more to do with frame of reference. Sure, today's teens seem a bit more relaxed about things, but I'm guessing there are still a few who would blush if they were in that same situation today, lol! :)

Molly Daniels said...

I'd hope so too! Thanks for stopping by Carrie:)