Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Part 10 BWSNBN

Currently Reading:  Finished Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic Ties The Knot, and I think I've read this one before....but not all of the details were familiar.  I'll have to check my book inventory to see if maybe I already own it??  Still reading Not An Angel and began Ms. Kinsella's Mini-Shopaholic.  And laughing at Becky and her mom's reaction to the Pound Store....I guess I'd compare it to our Dollar Stores!  I am appalled at the non-parenting going on; the lying to the nanny; and I'm beginning to see where Becky got her shopping issue.  I'm also laughing over the inventoring of the clothes!

I've reached the halfway point of this book, and I noticed my irritation is beginning to fade a little.  Maybe it's because I literally took a week off from reading it?

Anyway, here's this week's commentary.  Enjoy:)

Ch 17:
Pg 290:  I'm guessing she can tell her eyes are wide?  Or else see herself in the mirror?  Or reflected somewhere?  And how does she know she looks amused on the next page?

Pg 300:  Why oh why does she keep referring to her subconscious?  If she's CONSCIOUS of it, then it's no longer her SUBconscious.  I sincerely hope Hollywood edits this and 'my inner goddess' out of the script!

Pg 303:  I have a minor issue with this page.  First because of the 'inner slut goddess', then her reactions to K and her b/f.  Why is she appalled at their 'Hollywood-style clinch'?  She calls it 'unrestrained sexing', then later remarks 'boy can they be heard!'.  Has K never been that vocal before?  Hmmmm....looks as if the brothers G  know how to treat their women in the bedroom....albeit in different ways.

Pgs 304-6:  This entire phone conversation just seems out of character for him.  And I do applaud her 'I refuse to feel guilty' because a male friend was over for dinner.

Pg 308:  Didn't K's research back before Ch 1 turn up any mention of a helicopter?

Pg 309:  She's awakened the morning of her next 'date' and 'her inner slut goddess' is tap-dancing around...then becomes a cheerleader with pom-poms.  Give me a break.  See earlier comment.

Pgs 312-15:  Again, WHY would any OB-GYN make a house call on Sunday?  I find this unbelievable.

Ch. 18:
Pg 314:  And just how does A know the good doctor is just 'bursting with curiosity' about her relationship with C?  Any good doctor would keep any emotions from showing.

Pg 315:  She teases him; he frowns and she thinks she's going to be spanked?  Signs of the beginning of abuse cycle....

Pg 317:  If the guy I began dating lectured me on the proper use of contraception, I'd walk out.  I'm an adult, not a teenager.

Pg 326:  I want to slap the 'inner goddess' comments out of her mind.

Other than some more 'flush' and a word I'd change, this chapter was not that bad.

Come back tomorrow for pictures of the festival I attended over the weekend:)


jean hart stewart said...

Just wanted you to know I'm getting a kick out of your posts. I've steered clear of BWSNBN myself. Heard it wasn't worth the time.

Fiona McGier said...

I don't remember being as naive when I was that age. Perhaps the book appeals to women who want to think of themselves as inexperienced, so they can be "forced" to enjoy what they are embarrassed to admit they enjoy? Sounds very convoluted.

I'm so glad you are doing the hard work so I don't have to! I work too many jobs to have time to read something so unenjoyable! Thanks!

Ronda N said...

Since I personally have no idea what this book is, I find myself paranoid and slightly terrified I might pick it up one of these days accidentally-wasting my hard earned money on such rubbish.
I really do appreciate your sacrifice, Molly! I also love how you put a comedic spin on your commentary!

Amber Skyze said...

I do appreciate the laughs. :)

Molly Daniels said...

@Jean: I'm glad I'm making your day:)

@Fiona: I know I was a little naive, but hers is off the charts!

Molly Daniels said...

@Ronda: It's the one 'everyone' is raving over, 50 SOG. And humor is the only thing getting me through this book:)

@Amber: I'm so glad:) Still on the fence about reading the sequels....sigh....

Ronda N said...

Wow, really? THANK GOD I haven't picked it up yet-I had a friend suggest it, though I am aware she isn't an avid reader so I have hesitated to follow her recommendations! Thank you so very much Molly! Avoid I shall!