Friday, October 5, 2012

Flashback Friday: I'm A Scary Witch:)

Halloween 1972:
I wish I had a scanner so I could show you the picture of me wearing an orange/green/purple plastic witch costume, complete with gray-green mask (and some scraggly teeth on the mask) and black witch hat.  My sister, who had just turned two yrs old, is turned toward the camera with a horrific look on her young face as she's pointing to me.

Yes, I scared my baby sister!  So surely I'd scare the rest of the neighborhood, right?


Halloween masks interfere with my glasses.  And I had a bad habit of forgetting to put it back on after we rang the doorbell/knocked on the door.  I have no idea what my bff wore that particular Halloween, or even if T, our other bff, walked around with us.

Present Day:
The two songs I was most worried about last night, Coal Miner's Daughter and City of New Orleans, I knocked out of the park (bar)!  The others I had more confidence in?  Eh, so-so.  And was horrified when I failed to hit the high note on Bleeding Love.  But still, I had a guy at the back cheer whenever Brown announced my name, and he'd clap and whistle after I was finished.  Not sure if he was happy about the singing or if it was 'Thank god she's done!', lol....

Today I'm getting ready for the writer's conference in Columbus, IN tomorrow.  I have to burn some CD's, which also means contacting Office Max for CD covers.  And buying more CDs.

So have a good weekend, and I'll share my experience with you next week.  In the meantime, check back tomorrow for our Where In The World contest.  I'll post three clues to my whereabouts:)

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