Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hilltop Festival, Go-Carts, and Alex:)

Myself, Carol Preflatish, and BC Brown in our booth:)  Carol and BC each sold 3, plus I had three people express interest in my books.  So a successful day all around, which culminated in dinner for everyone at my favorite Mexican restaurant, La Caretta.  Weather was clear, warm, and not too breezy:)

I talked BC into signing up for the karaoke contest, and she won, after a tie-breaker:)  (I was in 2nd place....that's my story and I'm sticking with it, ha ha!).  A boy got up and sang a Kid Rock song; I did Blaze of Glory; BC did What's Up; we performed the duet of Does He Love You (BC was Reba, I took Linda Davis' part).  Isn't her trophy sweet?

There were also Go-Cart races in town; this was taken Sunday.

And Miss Alex, just because:)  This is she in one of her mom's old outfits; I think S wore this in her 3-month picture.

Here she is in another of her mom's old outfits; I loved the way S looked in this, and Alex spent the morning in it, until her mommy returned and changed her into something else!  But Grandma got the photo shoot in, lol!

Have a good day; I've got an afternoon full of errands and paperwork to fax.

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