Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Reading Schedule

Currently Reading:  I'm up to chapter 5 on Raspberry Crush by Jill Winters, and the same with Lisa Gardner's Catch Me.  Enjoying both so far:)

Here's the list of books by my bed and on the kindle, waiting for me:
A Light in the Window (Jan Karon) Reminded me of Phil Gulley's Harmony series, only w/o the quirkiness of the characters.
Beautiful Disaster Finished it, but didn't really care for it.
The Mystery of Mercy Close-Marian Keyes  LOVED it!!  DRR!

Valentine Babies-Mona Risk  Definite RR!!  Loved this story and its glimpse into Islamic culture:)
Happily Ever After-Christina Cole Very enjoyable!  RR
Divorce By Chocolate-Meg Bellamy  LOVED this!  DRR!
Turkish Delights, et al-Liz Crowe Enjoying all of them!  RR
Twilight Destiny-Tamara Monteau Surprised and enjoyable!  RR
The Governess Affair- Courtney Milan  Wonderful story!  DRR
The War Bride Club- Soraya Lane A little boring in places, but enjoyable.
Silk and Steel-Lindsay Townsend  Loved it!
Punished-Brynn Paulin  Sassy short read!
Nebula's Music- Aubrie Dionne  Loved it!  RR
Sexual Energy- Afton Locke  Enjoyed it:)
The Best Laid Plans- Elaine Rocco Chase  LOVED it!  RR!
Blind Her With Bliss-Nina Pierce  Wonderful story!  RR
Mother's Day Babies- Mona Risk  AWESOME!  DRR
Table for Three-Missy Martine  Okay
Research Required-Amber Skyze  Very good!
Immortal Curse-Bronwyn Green  LOVED it!

Publishing Efforts:
I'm currently finishing up edits for Kenzie's Off The Clock, and hoping to have cover art soon!  I'm thinking this book may come out sometime this month or next.  Stay tuned!  I also received edits for book #6 of Arbor U, Searching For Love.  Began working on them last night; I'll keep you posted.  So far, I'm not finding anything too problematic, considering the extreme criticism I received from a friend who is extremely pro-gay rights.  Apparently she objected to the fact I alluded to the 'choice' in the blurb.  

How's The Health?
Doing well, as long as I remember to clean out my ear once a week (ugh!) and use my NasoNex every night.  And take my Mobic when I think I'm going to be on my feet for long periods of time.  Sigh...it's hell getting older....

Still on 'hold' at the moment, until BC gets Saturday nights off.  The three bars we used to sing at no longer offer it, so now we're down to the Saturday Night crowd at Bottom's Up.  Darn it....I'd just worked up the nerve to get up and sing 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy' by Rod Stewart, 'Do You Wanna Touch Me' by Joan Jett, and 'Doncha' by The Pussycat Dolls.  I joked today we ought to take my 3 'Merry-Oke' toys to the Cincinnati Saloon and sing along with the radio.

Mel:  They might throw us out.

Me:  At least then they'd know we were serious about wanting the karaoke back!

8 weeks till my daughter graduates from high school!

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