Friday, April 5, 2013

Flashback Friday: Boy Crazy Already??

Currently Reading:  Finished Raspberry Crush and I'll admit it, I skipped over all of the sex scenes.  Why?  The story was so tedious in places, I was trying to hurry it along.  I'm glad it was a free read; I didn't waste any money on it.  Next up:  Valentine's Babies by the always awesome Mona Risk:)  Already on Ch 5 and can hardly wait to see what happens next:)

April 1973:
My memory is completely blank as to why this incident took place.  The only thing I remember is chasing two boys around the room, declaring at one point, "I'm going to kiss you!".  I didn't succeed, however.  The only we managed to do was knock over something on Mrs. Beers' desk and break something.  I don't even remember if there was anyone else in the room with us, or if the three of us were even punished for the breakage.  I just remember being extremely ashamed of the accident.

The weather was warming up, and I begged my dad to get my bicycle out.  I still had training wheels on, but after taking some flack from my 'bff', I convinced I was ready to try to ride without them.  It took me several weeks, but I finally rode around the back yard without falling off, and pedaled out to the street.  And took great pride in using the hand signals whenever a car would be behind me:)

Present Day:
The spouse indulged my craving for Parmesan-Garlic boneless wings yesterday, and I even tried one of the Teriyaki ones.  Not bad, and definitely not spicy!  But I think I'll stick with my P-G ones.  I just like the flavor better, even if I do have to chase it with ranch dressing, and take my time eating 3-4 of them!

What's On Tap For The Weekend?
Not sure at the moment.  The weather is supposed to be amazingly warm, so we might finally organize the 'minions' and get more of the basement emptied.

I will be watching to see if Louisville and Syracuse can advance to the final round, or it will be Wichita St vs Michigan next Monday.

Reality TV Update:
All-Star Celebrity Apprentice:  Ding dong, the bitch was FIRED!  "Nana na na...nana na na....hey hey hey....goodbye..." to Omarosa!

Amazing Race:  I was sooo happy to see the best friends Pam and Winnie to be eliminated!

Survivor:  Ugh.  Was hoping everyone would be on board to vote out Sherri, then Philip next week!  But Andrea opened up her big mouth and told Philip, and Corrine was blind-sided.  I wish they'd have voted Philip out this week!!  And hooray for Cochran, winning the 'Gross Food' Immunity Challenge!!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you again on Monday:)


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