Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reading Spree

Currently Reading:  Finished The Governess Affair and was relieved to see a fresh spin on the 'marriage of convenience':)  Also read Soraya Lane's War Bride Club.  This was a little slow in some parts, but still an enjoyable story about 4 women who come to America after WW1 to be reunited with their GI husbands, and how they adjust not only to married life, but to America itself.  Then I read Lindsay Townsend's Silk and Steel, and not sure if it was the fact I'm a Sparticus fan, but could relate a little more to the gladiator aspect of the story.  Brynn Paulin's Punished followed, and it is a lively short story.  Opened up Aubrie Dionne's Nebula's Music, but had to go to bed at that point.  My eyes were burning with a need for sleep.  The four books I read?  Recommended Reads, esp The Governess Affair.

I still have five Kindle books to finish, plus Beautiful Disaster.  Friend Melissa assures me it gets better, but right now, I have to force myself to even pick it up.  There are so much more interesting books on the Kindle, some I've waited three or more years to read.

Still waiting for Round #2 edits (Searching For Love) to arrive.  But in the meantime, I'm enjoying the downtime.  I can feel the creative juices beginning to swirl around in my brain; hopefully that means I''ll open up a WIP and the ideas will flow again.

Come back tomorrow for the Hump Day Hook:)


Judy Baker said...

Wow! You must read fast Molly. I'm so far behind my Kindle list, but writing like mad to get through the first draft of book 2 due out in Sept. and I'm not a fast writer. Thanks for the book recommend. Judy

Tabitha Shay said...

Sounds like you have a lot of reading to do...I don't seem to find much time anymore for it, but sure wish I did....Tabs

Marianne Stephens said...

I'd love to read more like you do, but I need more hours in the day for that!
Loved your "critique" of the book you didn't name. Think you'll do more? Or, have I missed more chapters???