Thursday, April 4, 2013

Taste Bud Tease

Currently Reading:  Finished Catch Me by Lisa Gardner and LOVED it!  Definite Recommended Read!!  This was a wonderful story which shows how the children of mentally ill parents can turn out.  I like the mystery element; every time I thought I had it figured out, I'd be proven wrong.  Not going to give away the plot twist; just hop over to Amazon or go to wherever you buy books and pick this one up.  Next up:  A Light in the Window by Jan Karon.  And that's the last of my print copies.  Still reading Raspberry Crush on my Kindle:)

If you've been involved in any chat with me where the subject of food, especially Mexican, has been discussed, then you know I have a very wimpy palate.  Mustard is about the spiciest thing I can put on my hamburgers, and even spicy taco seasoning makes me drown my soft taco in sour cream.  And when the new Mexican place opened up, I discovered I like their fajita chicken nachos....but not the veggies.  Just give me chicken, cheese, and chips.  No pico, no guacamole, no lettuce, tomato, or onion.

Go ahead and laugh.  As Regina Carlysle once told me, 'That's NOT Mexican food.'

I'm eating it in a Mexican restaurant, so yes, it is.  (sticking out my tongue in playful manner)

Anyway, I'm a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings.  And before you ask, I get a bacon-cheeseburger and fries.  And play Buzztime Trivia.  But a few months back, my son ordered the Parmesan-Garlic wings, and the sight made my mouth water.

Since that time, we've never gone back when the wings were on special; I only wanted to try ONE.  But the smallest order was 8 wings.

So last month, I took the plunge, figuring if I couldn't eat them, we'd take 'em home.  So I ordered my usual sandwich, watched the first found b-ball game, and sampled my first Parmesan-Garlic Boneless Wing (I don't like to fight my food by tearing it from the bone).  And the first bite wasn't bad.  Nor was the second.  But by the third bite (and finishing off the wing), my mouth was on fire.  I chased it with a french fry dipped in ranch; drank my iced tea; took another bite of my burger.  And resolved to simply take the wings home to my son.

But a few minutes later, those wings were calling to me again.  So this time, I dipped it into the ranch dressing and did better.  When we left, I'd eaten three out of the eight wings, and my son polished off the others later that day.

Now it's been three weeks since I tried those wings, and-you guessed it-I'm craving them again.  And I think today is the Special, so I can try one Teriyaki kind, in addition to my Parm-garlic.  But I'll still get that cheeseburger!

And everyone I've talked to says the P/G 'aren't spicy'.

Tell that to my wimpy taste buds.


Unknown said...

OMG...they're my favorite. I don't find them spicy. I love the spicy garlic too. Every time we go to NY we try to get to Buffalo Wild Wings. I wish they'd get one here in RI :)

Molly Daniels said...

Rhode Island needs to get with the program! ROFL:) Guess this gives you a 'reason' to go to NY:)