Monday, April 1, 2013

End Of The Month Wrap Up

Currently Reading:  Finished Accidental Romance by Jessica E. Subject and LOVED it!  Recommended Read:)  Also read Burning Love by Sable Hunter.  This one was a bit drawn out; while I understand this was erotic romance, and the numerous sex scenes were to show the heroine's trust in the hero, but I think a few toward the end could have been cut.  And I did enjoy the wildlife 'lessons' in this book:)  Finally finished Robin Cook's Acceptable Risk.  This wasn't one if his better ones, imho.  But I did enjoy the information on the Salem Witch Trials and what might have been the cause:) Now reading Lisa Gardner's Catch Me (print) and Raspberry Crush by Jill Winters (e-book)

Now For The Wrap Up:
For a list of books I'd planned to read in March, click here

Books Read:  E-book:  9, with one DNF.
                        Paperback:  6, and am on a seventh.  
                        HB:  One

Days Spent Editing:  Three frantic days of repairing a mistake in the proof copy of Endless Love:) I also spent one day editing Kenzie's Off The Clock:)  Edits arrived Saturday for Searching For Love, but I decided to tackle them today.

Days Spent Promo-ing:  9 out of the 18 posts, plus I don't know how many loop posts I made, or FB posts.

New Cover:  Searching For Love has an AWESOME new cover!  Have you seen it?  Look to your right:)

New Contract:  Book #7 was accepted, with a projected release date of August. 

Days Spent With Right Ear Clogged:  21.5  Went to the doctor on the 22nd and had my ear flushed out:)  And thankfully, have been 50% phlegm-free the past month:)

Karaoke:  0.  Our favorite places quit having it, so now we have to wait until BC gets Saturday nights off.  Bummer.

Days Spent Watching Basketball:  8:)

Correct Teams Picked:  3/21-22:  19/33
                                        3/23-24:  9/16
                                        3/28-29:  3/8
                                        3/30-31:  4/4
Final Four:  Louisville vs Wichita St
                     Syracuse vs Michigan


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