Friday, April 19, 2013

Flashback Friday

Currently Reading:  Still on Best Laid Plans and I've found the interesting part in Beautiful Disaster!  Should have both of these read over the weekend.

April 1993
A spring carnival came to the Hoosier Dome, so on the Saturday, the spouse stayed home with 15 m/o K while friend K and I went for an afternoon of fun.  We rode the rides, and played a few carnival games.  The one where you throw darts at balloons for prizes, I actually won.  I handed over my dollar, and received 3 darts.  I missed the 1st one, then threw my 2nd one into an inflated red, white, and blue hammer.  The carney was not amused.

"In about thirty seconds, that one will be flat."

"I'm sorry.  My finger slipped."  We were laughing at the mishap!  "Scotch tape should do the trick."

I threw my third one.  POP! Went the appropriate balloon, and I chose the hammer.  He tried to give me the one I'd deflated, but I declined.

The next day happened to be Easter, and we drove to my parents' house to celebrate.  I'd taken the hammer (it stood about three or four feet tall) along, and surprise mother had purchased one for baby K's Easter basket.  There is video of my dad and I having a 'hammer fight':)  Also, Mom had gotten K a push toy 'popcorn popper', as we called it.  But K wanted to see how it worked, and kept trying to pull it, rather than push it.

Earlier in the year, I'd won an Olan Mills picture package, discounts on certain photo packages.  For one of the sittings, I took babies K and T, to have their pictures taken together.  I have a wonderful 'story' in four pictures:
-K and T sitting against a forest background, facing each other.  "So....what do you want to do?"  "I don't know.  What do YOU wanna do?"

-Same background, same pose, only this time a small ball is between them, and T is reaching for it.  "They gave us this ball; we could play catch."

-Same background, only this time, K has the ball in his hand and is looking at the camera with a devilish look in his eyes.  "Look what I've got, Mommy!"

-Last shot, K is sitting on a bench with his hands on his head, ala 'We're in trouble!' and T has his hand on K's leg, ala 'He did it!  I'm innocent!"   You guessed it....K had thrown the ball across the studio!

T's mommy received word of layoffs where she worked.  She would only have her job until the end of May.

Sadly, I was also reminded the Oklahoma City bombing in the Federal Building.  Timothy McVeigh was later caught, convicted, and put to death.

Present Day:
Today's my day to blog over at RB4U.  I'm talking about brand names in books.  Does it enhance your visual picture as you're reading, or does it pull you out of the story?

Tonight, we're celebrating  friend Angela's birthday and tomorrow, we're doing celebratory karaoke since friend Melissa has a new job:)

Have a great weekend!


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