Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sleep-Deprivation Wednesday

Currently Reading:  Loved, loved, LOVED Mother's Day Babies by Mona Risk:)  Definite Recommended Read!  (Not surprising, right?   I loved the other two books in this series!)  Tried to read Only Skin Deep by Mahalia Levy, and could not finish it.  And this is partly my fault; I didn't realize it was three books in one, and was confused when I saw 'chapter 1' again.  So might pick this up again and read it at a later date.  Now I'm on Table For Three by Missy Martine.

A BIG thank you to everyone who congratulated me yesterday for the release of Searching For Love:)  Had an enjoyable day with lunch/trivia playing at BW3; then eating cheesecake after dinner with my fellow Writer's Guild members.  And at 11pm, met friend BC Brown at Denny's, since she had to work and couldn't make the celebration.

Today, we're back to Normal Life.  Grocery shopping, cleaning up the kitchen.

Want another excerpt of Searching For Love?

“Can I ask you something?” Stephanie took a long drink of her third beer.

“Ask away.” Jodie opened her arms wide. “Professor Jodie at your service.”

“Ha, ha.” Nervous, Steph shifted in her seat. “My friend, Steve, likes those stupid porno mags and one of them had two guys getting it on. So I was wondering, guys do it up each other's you-know-where, but how do gay girls, ah, you know?” She could feel her face growing hotter by the minute but still plunged on. “Do you, like, strap on a fake one or something?” She didn’t dare look at Jodie.

Jodie burst into laughter, much to Stephanie’s relief. “No, it’s just like regular foreplay with a guy, only I personally think it’s a lot more loving. Just a lot of kissing, touching, and our feelings are portrayed more openly. And yes, sometimes sex toys are used, if one or the other is into that sort of thing.” She cocked her coppery head to the side. “Why the questions? Starting to get curious? I’d be more than happy to show you.”

Thank God she’s only teasing me! “No, no, that’s okay.” Stephanie held up her hand. “He just brought up the fact he couldn’t see how anyone could stand having it...that way, and it just made me wonder. You’ve got to know Steve.” She swung her feet around and leaned forward. “He likes porno flicks and keeps telling me his ultimate fantasy would be to have two women at the same time.”

Jodie nodded. “Some guys like that, watching two women go at it.”

Stephanie shuddered. “I don’t think I could stomach watching two guys.”

“Me neither,” Jodie grinned. “But believe it or not, Daphne said it was a turn-on.”

Stephanie made a face. “Forgive me if any of this sounds stupid, it’s just, I’ve never really had anyone to ask before.”

“It’s okay, really it is.” Jodie reassured her. “I’m comfortable with myself, and I don’t mind sharing. I’m not going to run to Laurie and say, You’ll never guess what Steph asked me the other night. Does that make you feel better?”

Stephanie exhaled. “Much. Okay, here it goes...don’t you ever wonder if it was just the one guy? Maybe the chemistry wasn’t there, and maybe you just haven’t met your man yet.”

“Have you ever slept with anyone you couldn’t stand?” Jodie sat up and tucked her legs beneath her. “I mean, have you ever gone along with it, even though he repulsed you during foreplay?”
Stephanie thought for a moment. “No, not really. Now, I’ve woken up some mornings and wondered what the hell I’d done, but I just made sure I never saw them again. Is that what you’re getting at?”

“Partly.” Jodie stood and went into the kitchen. When she returned, she had a fresh beer in her hand and handed one to Stephanie. “I can count on one hand all the guys I slept with, to make sure, I guess you’d call it. And in every instance, I either found myself wishing I could get him to stop or wondering what the hell I was doing. Then, one night, Laurie spent the night with me, and in the morning I realized what the difference was. I didn’t feel dominated, threatened, or used. I felt like an equal. Does that make any sense?” 

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