Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Catch Up Tuesday

Currently Reading:  Finished Goddess of Vengeance by Jackie Collins, and don't know if I missed a book in this series or just need to reread the entire series again!  There were some memories tossed about and I didn't remember some of the details.  Did find a tiny mistake; on one page, Paige is referred to as Gino's 5th wife, and a few chapters later, she's referred to as his third.  So even NY editors miss things:)  But all in all, Recommended Read!  I was a little disappointed by the ending, but oh well.....Also finished Wa-ba-Shi-Ki by Rick Kelsheimer, and good story!  And nice way to bring local history to life!  E-book-wise, finished Waking Up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly.  Excellent read!  I kept getting frustrated at Megan's stubbornness at times, so guess it's the mark of a good storyteller?  Recommended Read:)  Now I'm diving into Jean Joachim's Red Carpet Romance.

I know; I missed yesterday.  But it was one of those 'schedule-out-the-window' kind of days, where nothing gets accomplished.  Daughter had a job interview, so spent two hours in Princeton, IN, entertaining the granddaughter.  Ate lunch at KFC, and was disappointed chicken and noodles were not on the buffet.  Came home and was able to clean out my email:)

Big Brother:
Has anyone else noticed the celebrity look-alike/separated-at-birth dynamics in the Big Brother House this year?

Amanda:  Angie Harmon
Kaitlin:  Kristin Stewart
Jeremy:  Ashton Kutcher
Helen:  Ming Na
David:  Blonde David Copperfield
Andy:  Howdy Doody or Ron Howard
Howard:  Jesse L. Martin
Candice:  Janet Jackson

I can't decide if Jessie, Judd, McRea, Aaryn, Elyssa, Spencer, GinaMarie, or Nick resemble any famous people.  Was this deliberate, or just coincidence?

While I was sad to see Jeremy aka 'Ashton' leave, I sincerely hope Elissa goes soon!!!  Think it might be Aaryn this week though.

Edit Update:
4th-round arrived, and I should have them knocked out by tonight:)  Hopefully this will be the last one, and I'll have a release date soon:)

Karaoke Update:
Don't Look Back-Boston Had a few troubled spots, but made it through!  Quote from Mark, KJ:  "That's a hard song, but she did it well!  WTG Molly:)"
Don't Pay The Ferryman-Chris Deburgh Rocked it!  I've loved this song since I 1st heard it in HS!
Blown Away-Carrie Underwood Started off on wrong note, but recovered and did okay.
If I Die Young-Band Perry Did okay on it:)


Melissa Keir said...

I'm dying for KFC. Have you heard about the new upscale KFC place? They are trying it out and want to have it compare with Panera.

I wish I could read as much as you. Good luck on the edits! I just love the new cover!

Molly Daniels said...

No; I've not heard of that! We only have a 'Taco-Chicken' in our town (combo Taco Bell and KFC), so if we want the buffet, have to go out of town 30 minutes. I'm not a fan of KFC, outside of the coleslaw and popcorn chicken (used to love their Kentucky Nuggets!), so just ate the mashed potatoes, corn, and slaw.

I try to read for about an hour in the afternoon and before bed. Housework gets neglected....writing gets neglected....but I *must* read daily, lol!

Amber Skyze said...

I want Elissa GONE!!!!!

Molly Daniels said...

@Amber: I'm sooooo with you on that!