Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Ramble

Currently Reading:  Finished Barbara Taylor Bradford's Ravenscar Mystery and this is going to be my least favorite of her books.  I don't know if maybe she ran out of steam halfway through, but once the main plot is finished, the book sort of flounders, and I frankly lost respect for Edward after his marriage.  Then the wrap up is a little weak, imho.  Now onto Sabrina Jeffries' The Truth About Lord Stoneville.

We're off to the water park today!   Apparently, an hour before I called my mom to see if today would be good for her, my nephew D asked, 'Are we going to be able to see W anytime this week?'

Oldest son K has the day off, so he and the spouse will finish cleaning out that apartment he's not lived in the past year, then join us.  CB arrives back today, and since her birthday is the week after niece R's, the girls should play well together while the boys try to out-do each other, and R won't feel like a 3rd wheel.

Also hoping to reconnect with friend A, who informed me she's rearranged her schedule so she can join us!  Also tossed out the suggestion to friend K, but don't think it's going to work out.

Today's also a bittersweet day; it marks the 4th week since S passed.  Yeah,'s the 15th, not the 17th, but still, it was a Monday.

I should also hear from the dr tomorrow or Wednesday about what they plan to do about my thyroid.

Karaoke Update:
Only three of us sang the 1st hour, so was able to knock 3 songs off my list!
Don't Let Me Get Me (Pink)-Ugh.  Too low on the verses.
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Elton John)-Did okay on it, but probably won't perform this again.
Don't Speak (No Doubt)-Did okay; need to practice the ending a bit more.
High Enough (Damn Yankees)- Rocked the bar:)  And since I sang solo, had trouble with Robert Plant's part.  But nailed Tommy Shaw's!
I Remember You (Skid Row)-Rocked the bar:)

Mark had left me out of the rotation accidentally for an hour; otherwise I'd have also sung Blown Away by Carrie Underwood.  And at the end, BC Brown insisted I get up with her and two other friends and perform Mya's part in Lady Marmalade.  But I didn't know it, so B took over for me.

I should have pictures to share tomorrow:)

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