Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Reading Schedule

Currently Reading:  Stayed up late to finish Mary Martinez's Innocent.  Wonderful story of family, school issues, intrigue, and mystery.  I'll admit to not having figured out the twist until a character went missing, then speculated the identity.  Clever, Mary....very clever!  Also read The Couple by Harlie Williams, and I'll confess I skipped the sex parts and only read the beginning and end.  I was a little confused at the beginning's 1st person POV, but kept on...and it's a cute fantasy!  You won't be disappointed at the end, except for why it ends.  I want to know more about this couple!!!

Print Books:
The Reluctant Suiter-Kathleen Woodiwiss DNF
Catching Fire (#2 Hunger Games) Okay
The Ravenscar Dynasty-Barbara Taylor Bradford Okay
Birthright- Nora Roberts Loved it!  Plus enjoyed the archaeological aspects!
The Truth About Lord Stoneville-Sabrina Jeffries LOVED it!!
Goddess of Vengeance-Jackie Collins LOVED it!!
Wa-Ba-Shi-Ki-Rick Kelsheimer Good way to bring local history to life:)

Innocent-Mary Martinez Wonderful story!  Want more in this series!
The Couple-Harlie Williams Cute!  Loved ending!
Duping Cupid-Gina Ardito Loved it! Also want to read the 'sneak peek' one at end!!!
Red Carpet Romance-Jean Joachim LOVED it!  RR
Vegas Miracle-Liz Crowe Not what I expected, but good.  Didn't like all the flashbacks.
Cheeky Blonde-Liz Crowe Very enjoyable!
Charming For Mother's Day- Gina Ardito Loved it!  Now want more of Gina's books!
Wild For Mr. Wrong-Virna DePaul Wanted to lock them in a closet at times, but otherwise good story!
Waking Up Married- Mira Lyn Kelly Very enjoyable!
Meant To Be-Jennifer Labelle It was okay....
Paradise Hops-Liz Crowe Very good!  RR
Plotting To Win-Tara Chevrestt Wonderful story!  DRR
Tansy Taylor-Kathy LaMee Bleh.  Too long, too many spelling and punctuation errors.

Looking Ahead....
This month, I'm still working on Love Weighs In edits, plus getting ready for our vacation to Colorado at the end of the month.

I forgot to mention yesterday; I added a few more songs to my list:  All Or Nothing (O Town); All Cried Out (Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam); Don't Let It End (Styx).  I'll only be able to go three times this week, and hope to add more.  

I'll also try to blog more this month.  June was such a whirlwind!  Plus, I hope to be house hunting this month.  

Have you read any of the books on my list?  Or want to add them?  Don't forget to read the blue type at the top of my posts to see if I liked what I've read!


Melissa Keir said...

Hi Molly,
I've read all the Liz Crowe books except for the last two in her Stewart Realty series. They are on my TBR pile. I love her books and keep me engaged. I'd really like to hear your thoughts!

Harlie Williams said...

You are too kind Molly. I'm glad that you liked the end with the twist.

And unfortunately, I haven't written a sequel yet.

Not sure if I will either.


Tabitha Shay said...

I don't have as much time to read as I once did, but I have a few books on my summer reading list. I need to catch up on Feehan's Dark Series. I think I'm at book 18. On my TBR list is Karen Robards' last two releases, Julie Garwood's last two and Linda Howard's last two. See how far behind I am?...lol.

Molly Daniels said...

@Melissa: I also love her books!

@Harlie: :PPPP You need to keep writing babe:)

@Tabs: I have to schedule it in, even if it's 15 mins before bed.