Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Flashback

Currently Reading:  I'm nearly halfway finished with Duping Cupid and am really enjoying it!

July 1973
I can neither confirm nor deny if this the correct memory, but I think we celebrated the 4th of July at a friend of the family's, then watched the fireworks on the banks of the Wabash.  I remember Mom complaining we couldn't see the ground displays very well, and that was the last time we attended that particular fireworks show.

Otherwise, we spent the month of July riding our bikes, playing in the creek, or playing outside in my back yard.  I became an honorary member of the Wea Woodlands gang, since my yard had the streetlight, the front yard devoid of trees (with the exception of the pussy willow in the front corner), and the awesome tree house.  This meant I was able to play outside in the twilight with the 'big kids' and we played Hide and Seek, Ghost in the Graveyard, kick ball, and some of the kids decided to try jumping out of the tree house.  One kid broke his arm, so that was the last time THAT happened.  And no, my parents weren't sued; this was the age of 'my kid did it, this will teach him not to do that again' mentality.  Not today's standards of 'You built it, therefore you KNEW it could happen.  And no rules posted?  Where's my lawyer?' thinking.

It was also during this summer that I worked up the courage to climb halfway up to the 'big kids' fort.  One of the boys had nailed wood 'steps' up a particularly tall tree, and while they didn't allow me all the way up (I was too scared, anyway!), they did let me climb part of the way.  My friend K and I enjoyed eating the wild blackberries and picking the umbrella plants.

Present Day:
I've been hard at work on LWI edits, and am nearly finished.  Went to the doctor this afternoon when I noticed the right side of my neck was swollen.  Turns out my thyroid is enlarged, so going for an ultrasound next week.

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