Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Cover Reveal!

Currently Reading:  Finished The Truth About Lord Stoneville and loved it!  There's a sneak peek at Jarret's story at the back, and I don't think I've read it either.  I know I've read Miranda, Gabe, and Celia's stories, so once I read J's, the series will be complete.  Recommended Read:)  Began Jackie Collins' Goddess of Vengeance.  E-book-wise, I'm still on Waking Up Married.

The awesome Dawn Domonique strikes again!  I've never had to ask her to change anything, except for one of Kenzie's covers.  Love how she 'gets' it the first time around!

(drum roll)  Book #7 in the Arbor U s series:

What happens when your roommates are pencil-slim without trying, and you gain a dress size by looking at chocolate?  Susan Best struggles with her self-esteem after a bad break up.  She diets in the wrong manner, and soon it's almost out of control.  When love sneaks up on her, can she accept the truth her man loves her, not the number on her clothes?

Travis Freeman was instrumental in jump-starting Susan’s singing career.  But he didn’t count on the dark side of being in the spotlight, and stands by helpless as the woman he loves spirals out of control.  But after alerting her friends to the problem, he risks losing her altogether.

Jamie watched his identical twin brother Rob break Susan’s heart.  Thrilled by the fact their friendship is rekindled, he appoints himself her personal body guard during their summer job.  But when he kisses her, is she picturing his brother?

“Want to go back and catch the last flick?”

She rolled on her back and stretched. Her eyes fluttered open when he turned on the small desk lamp, then realized the blankets were around her waist.

“What?” She pulled the covers up to her neck, wondering how long he’d been staring at her bare torso. “You turned the light on.”

“Yeah.” Sitting on the bed beside her, he tugged on the sheet and slipped his hand inside to touch her skin. Susan sat up and kissed him, then jumped when he pulled the covers away. “God, Su. Oh honey, you’re perfect.” His open mouth found her nipples again, and she settled back into the pillows.

She protested while her body quivered for more. “I thought you wanted to watch Terminator.”

“We’ll rent the damn thing. Oh God, Su.” His hands traced her ribs.

Susan arched her back to give him more access and tensed, still caught up in that dreamlike area between sleep and wakefulness. She didn’t object when his fingers slid into the waistband of the sweat pants or when he settled himself into the cradle of her hips. His hips moved against hers in a light pressure, and she took a sharp intake of breath. He began a steady rhythm, rocking against her. Susan began to match it move for move. He worked a hand between them, and she jumped.

“Travis, no.”

“It’s okay. Let me do this.”

“Travis, stop!” She put her hands on either side of his face. “Please, stop?”

He groaned and rolled to lie beside her, panting. “I’m so close. I’m sorry. ” He freed himself from the constraints of his underwear. “Grab a tissue, please?”

Susan handed the box to him, and he spilled his essence into a handful of tissues.

“Yuck!” Both curious and appalled at the same time, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She’d seen Travis naked and masturbating with the lights on.

Oh God, what have I done? What have I done? She covered her eyes with her hands.

Travis’ arms went around her, but she refused to respond to his kisses on her jaw.

“What is it, Su? Are you mad at me or something?”

“I can’t believe you did that.”

“We didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I know that.” She lowered her hands to his chest. “But, you were hanging out, and‒and, you‒you did that‒that stuff on yourself! Is that what sperm looks like?”

Travis smoothed her hair. “I couldn’t control myself. And that stuff, as you put it, has to go somewhere. I’ll be glad to show you some alternatives of where to put it.”

Releasing August 2013 from Sweet Cravings Publishing

Edit Update:
Finished the 3rd round on Tuesday and emailed them back.  She may want me to add just a bit more to some of the transitions, and I found a spacing error earlier, but that's an easy fix.  I'll most likely get it back this weekend.

Writing Again!
I've had two stories swirling in my head the last month (no, neither of which has anything to do with AU; I think this is Kenzie's attempt to take over the brain again, ha ha!), and yesterday began writing down one of them.  Got a page written before I ran out of time, so we'll see where this takes me.

Come back tomorrow for memories of July 1993:)


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Don't you love when the cover artist "gets" it? Love the cover. congrats.

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Love the cover. The story sounds amazing and so relevant! All the best!

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Beautiful cover!!

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Great cover.


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