Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Computer Problems Again

Currently Reading:  The upside to not having access to my laptop?  I'm reading!  Finished Birthright, Duping Cupid, and Charming For Mother's Day.  All very good books and Recommended Reads.  I now want to read more Gina Ardito books!  There are 'sneak peeks' in the back of both DC and CFMD, so will add them to my Wish List:)  Now, I'm getting ready to dive into Wild For Mr. Wrong by Virna De Paul.  And  I'm about halfway through Catching Fire, the sequel to the Hunger Games.  Not liking this one very much.

On Sunday, the touch pad on my laptop refused to work.

Yesterday, the spouse very nicely bought me a mouse.  Plugged it in; couldn't get it to respond.  So took it back to store after digging out the receipt.  It's still well under the 3 year warranty, so was feeling pretty confident.

And then was told Office Max no longer carried the Sony Vaio.

Okay, so no replacement laptop. But can you tell my why it won't work?

Gary tested it; turns out I also have some USB drives unresponsive.  He found the one active drive and went to work.

Turns out my touch pad was uninstalled.  He ran a virus scan to determine if the viruses I removed two weeks ago somehow left a residual virus which attached itself to my drives.  He'll call me when it's finished.

Two hours later, he calls me with the news there's no virus, so here's the info to send it back to Sony.  He tells me the instructions over the phone, and then we go pick up my laptop.

BTW....my laptop is chocolate-flavored.  I don't know why he sniffed the fan, but the air coming out smells like chocolate, rather than plain old hot air.

So I called Sony, and they're sending me the shipping materials.  All I have to do is box everything up and be without a laptop for a week.

So until then, I won't be spending a great deal of time online.  I can check my email from the desk top, and keep up with face book via my Kindle.  And I sincerely hope I'll have it back before I leave on vacation!!