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Flashback Friday

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July 1993:
This particular month is always hot and sticky.  Since it was just baby K and I again, nephew D asked if he could come stay with us, and we said sure.  We spent nearly every afternoon at the pool, and D continued to attract the teeny bopper girls.  One in particular he actually called, and went for walks with her.  But it soon became apparent this girl had NO idea what a healthy relationship was, because she got mad at him if we took him out to dinner.  If he neglected to call her 1st thing in the morning, or even all day.  She tried laying guilt trips.  And when he finally met her mom, he reported MOM did these same things to her own boyfriend/men she was dating.  So we encouraged 14 y/o D to back off from her.

We'd gotten to know Dave the pool monitor quite well at this point, and he adored 19 m/o K.  I have video of Dave taking him out into the deep water; carrying him on his back around the pool; and just being goofy with him.  K decided one day that maybe, just maybe, he ought to be interested in his mommy.  So while I had him in my arms in 4 feet of water, we observed Dave make a shallow dive into the 5 foot area.  But when he surfaced, maybe a few feet from where we were standing, K suddenly yanked my swim suit top down to my waist!  Thankfully, I was able to drop down into the water, so I don't think Dave had even opened his eyes yet, or noticed.  I took K back to the shallow end, where he could play on the steps with his plastic trucks.

Mom also called with the news she was taking K and I to Florida at the end of the month; I looked forward to seeing my grandmother again.

Present Day:
It's been a hot week, up in the mid 90s and with a heat index of over 100 degrees.  We've all been staying indoors with the a/c going full blast!

Last night, BC Brown and I traveled to Monroe City, IN to attend a dinner given by the MC Book Club, and to hear our friend Rick Kelsheimer speak.  I even bought one of his books, though the one I've wanted for years was sold out.

Just heard from the dr; my chest X-ray was normal.  I already knew that!  But I'm still having breathing ans swallowing issues at night! Or when I lean back in a chair.  Very frustrating.

Looking ahead to the weekend, I don't think we have anything in particular planned.

Karaoke Song list:
Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone-Cinderella
Don't Look Back-Boston
Don't Lose My Number-Phil Collins
Don't Pay The Ferryman-Chris Deburgh
Blown Away-Carrie Underwood
If I Die Young-Band Perry

Yes, I know some of these are repeats; I changed my mind last week and sang others.  I've got six more songs on my Potential Karaoke List, and I intend to finish them by the time BC leaves town.  Then I think it's time to move on the the E titles.  I'll have to double check my written list.

See you on Monday!

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