Friday, March 22, 2019

Flashback Friday

March 2009
My blog topics ranged from Octo-Mom to family life.

We spent part of our Spring Break in Lafayette at Buccaneer Bay, and I reconnected with my friend Angela, whom I'd known since the 5th grade.  We hatched a plan to have me crash her 25th HS reunion, since I'd been with half the class from K-9th grade!  It would be fun to catch up with people I'd not seen in 30 years, ha ha!

Mom and I spent an afternoon at the beauty shop, getting our hair done while the kids went to the Train Museum with Grandpa in Battleground (??)/  I look somewhat like a poodle with my perm, but people said I looked younger, so yay!

I discovered the need to re-lable my MS during edits, because TWICE I 'edited' the wrong draft!  Thankfully, Chuck was patient with me!

Finally, C wrote to me, "I know you have a better ending in you than this."

My brain was tired.  I was tired of my characters, the story line, the plot.  So I typed back, "And they lived happily ever after.  How's THAT?"

I hit 'send' and got up from the computer to switch out the laundry.  Halfway down the stairs, I 'heard' Amber's voice in my head asking Marc..."Is this where we get our happily ever after?"

As soon as I finished with that load, I sent him an email with the new ending!

He was happy, I was happy, and that darn book was off to the proofreader!  I began working on other projects, WIPS that I'm sad to say, are still unfinished, ten years later.

I've Lost My Mind
I agreed to be interviewed on Blog Talk Radio, and actually made it through with only one slight hiccup....I decided to read the Prologue as my excerpt, forgetting there were two 'buzz words' in it.  I breezed through them as fast as I could, but Travis said his producer caught them...

"C*ck and Pu**y at 3 in the afternoon..."


Next Month:  W's Final Month Of HS!

Present Day:
I sold the exercise bike yesterday! 

Plus, with the kids being on Spring Break this week, my schedule's been severely off....I've been sleeping until 10am, so haven't hardly watched any of my Nostalgia TV, or done any chores.  And, the NCAA tournament began yesterday, and most of my teams won.  Purdue now has to go up against Villanova.  I'm torn....but Nova won last year (I think!).

Have a great weekend!

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