Sunday, March 17, 2019

Life As A Trainee, Pt 8

Day 9:
Arrived early, so I could check the WIRE (Where Information Reaches Everyone), but nothing new.  As I went in, I asked for Manager Brandon's whereabouts, but he wasn't up front.  Put my stuff in my locker, checked WIRE, then clocked in at 3:56 and went up front, carrying a box of Puffs, my cough drops, and water bottle.  Back on Register 9 for me, and after about an hour, I realized I didn't have a 'shadow'....maybe I was close to getting my Red Vest, since Tiffany, the trainee I'd worked with yesterday, already had hers?

Manager Brandon showed up and I told him I needed to talk to him sometime today.

"About what?"

"My schedule."

"What's wrong with it?"

"I asked for the wrong day off, not being used to your calendar.  I only need April 5th and 6th off, not the 4th."

"Oh, that's easily fixed."

He walked away before I could ask him about the 26th and Memorial Weekend.  Guess I'll have to ask Manager Jessica; someone said she was nicer about schedule issues!

Shift went fairly smoothly; I helped out a new trainee, Sacred, with some of her issues, and was able to look up several invoices with little coaching from my notebook, even rang up a check successfully.

Only had one Customer From Hell....I scanned his coupon, found his invoice, rang up his total.....and he asked what the price of his washer was.  F3 to go back....$727.  Coupon for $100 off was applied.

"I'm positive it was $627."

"I'm sorry; it's ringing up $700."

Just then, his washing machine arrived, and we checked with the loader.  Price was $627.  So Adrianna came over and told me to tab over and change the price.  Did, and everything was fine.  A tells me she needs to go outside, and to fill out the 'Big Ticket' form.

CFH asks, "I've got tile waiting down in Lumber.....if I drive my truck down there, will he push my washer down to the other door?"

"I don't see why not."

CFH leaves, and I go to fill out the form.....except I need the invoice # off his receipt!  So I fill everything else out, and called down to  Lumber.  Girl said she'd call me back.

A returns, and I tell her what happened.

"Oh, no....we NEVER take appliances down to Lumber..."  She walks down there.  Lumber calls me, and I write down the invoice #.  A few minutes later, A comes back and tells me she's gotten it.

That guy is probably NEVER going to come through my lane again....

I went to lunch at 6:50, and returned at 7:20.  Discovered I'm being moved to Register 13, since #9 is acting up again.  Maybe around 8-ish, A comes down.

"What size vest do you want?"

"I'm finally getting one?  YAY!"

Red Vest Ready
She brings my XL down, and I finish ringing up the customers, then put on my vest, and had issues putting my name tag into the special holder, and figuring out where all my 'stuff' would fit in the pockets.

Filled my soda cooler, finished ringing up customers, and locked the exit doors.  Emptied my trash, and wiped down my counter.  Returned a grinding pad to Tools, and placed an 'orphaned' bag of merchandise to CS.  A wanted me to Lysol all the keyboards, but instead, sent me to put away my vest.  As I'm halfway through the Paint dept on my way back, I hear her paging me.

"I'm coming!"

I get up there and remind her it takes me 2 minutes, due to my ankle issues, to get from the back to the front!  As we're all clocking out, I asked her about the Lysol, and she said she'll do it tomorrow.

Had to do my clock out three times, since I was only using one hand, and realized I was forgetting the hashtag at the end of my PW!

Clock out:  9:39.

Short Karaoke Night
I did hobble off to karaoke, and ended up singing three of the planned four songs.  Left before 12:30, and ended up talking to my daughter for 90 minutes.

Woke up this morning feeling like Death Warmed Over, so we skipped church.  I've got my $35 tithe tucked away for next week.

This coming week, I work M-W-F-Sat-Sun-Mon  I hope on my days off that my body recuperates!

See you back here on Tuesday for the new topic, Life As A Red Vest!

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