Saturday, March 16, 2019

Life As A Trainee, Pt 7

Day #8:
Third day up front, and things are beginning to smooth out, somewhat.  I still had issues logging in, but it only took two tries this time.  Chip machine was cranky, causing people to either swipe their card or re-insert it after cleaning their chip.

I rang up two checks successfully!

Had a lot of cash transactions, and didn't mess up once, with the exception of the time the customer wanted cash back.  The drawer opening startled me, so I pushed it close....then realized what I'd needed to do, and had to call Mel over for an override.

Sandy, the red vest shadowing me the 1st half, scolded me when I went to ring up multiple bags of potting soil by tabbing over to quantity and hitting '4'.....'Scan Every Item' F3 to stop, then scanned the 1st bag four times.  Told her I'd been spoiled by my stint in Lumber.

2nd issue of the night occurred when a customer arrived with 8 washers w/o bar codes.  Looked 'em up in the Blue Book, but couldn't find 'em.  Sandy helped me, and we thought we found it, then double-checked with Aggie.  I dutifully scanned it 8 times, but then discovered they were on clearance.  Changed the price....but it only changed for the one.

Started over, and Aggie said to tab over to quantity, put in 8, then the price difference.  I chuckled and said I'd been scolded for that very action earlier....she said that sometimes, that's the only way to do it.

My only other override was when I had to change a price, and had already rung up the total.

2nd half of the night went very smoothly; I was sent to lunch at 6:45, and clocked back in at 7:15.  Rang up customers w/o my 'shadow', wiped down the counters, bagged the trash, and locked the exit doors.

When I went to clock out, I discovered my 1st lunch punch hadn't 'taken', so had to add a note why my clock said I was there at 3:56, 7:15, and 9:25.  Hopefully one of these days that damn thing will work for me!

I checked my bank account yesterday morning and discovered my 1st paycheck had arrived!  Took the spouse to lunch at McAlisters, since I wanted soup, and he was very surprised when I whipped out my card.

"I got paid today; my treat."

"Wish I'd known; I'd have ordered something else!"  (typical spouse joke)

I'd also ordered a sandwich to go, as a way of treating myself, and packed it in my lunch bag.  Sent $$ to Nancy for the Whispers copies, and $$ to the coordinator of the Spring Vendor Event April 5th.  S showed me how to transfer funds into the spouse's account, and after I take out $20 for my tithe tomorrow, I'll still have $50 toward my Louisville trip!

Spouse this morning thinks I'm going to take $100 out of my account Monday to pay the Kohl's bill....nope, he can pay for it himself, since it's in HIS account!

Health Issues
I feel as if my body's trying to catch a cold.  Joked yesterday that I wasn't going to call in sick the day of the 1st payday, and that I'd rather get sent home for being sick!  I'd rather push a broom all day, than infect customers.  But after taking my Mucinex and a Claritin, my sinuses behaved (somewhat) and I only had to turn my head and cough a few times when ringing up purchases, and never sneezed on anyone.  Felt one coming on during one transaction, but after I'd said thank you, no one else was in my line, so was able to blow my nose.  I do need to take in a replacement Kleenex box to Register 9, though.

I work again tonight, so see you back here tomorrow!  I'm debating whether or not to stay home from karaoke tonight.  Depends how I feel.

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