Thursday, April 16, 2009

Suspended In Time

Remember when digital cameras first came out, and the commercial showed a kid forever stuck halfway between the diving board and the water?

"Hey Mom...I'd like to finish this dive, but you still haven't developed me yet. Please download this picture and the others still on your memory card, so I can hit the water already..."

I've left my characters in similar fashions, due to the creative blockage inside my brain.

-Travis is still eating breakfast with Tori as she explains how Life brought her to town;

-Misty is on her first date with Cory and at war with herself over whether or not she should sleep with him, should the opportunity present itself;

-Ashley has just discovered her brother's dark secret;

-Rick has just been awarded visitation rights;

-Katherine is rebuidling her life and possibly reigniting an old flame;

-Mark is trying to get to know a mysterious woman who just moved to town;

-Brian has just expressed a desire to buy a house with his long-time lover and officially blend their two families;

-Scott is comforting Erica in a time of extreme stress;

-Justin is about to graduate from college;

-Lynne is fighting her attraction to a man of a different race and who she considers 'just a friend'.

Ten WIPS and no one wants to talk to me. Anyone want to volunteer for ghostwriter duties? With the exception of the last four, I've only been working on these for the past nine months.

I started writing Justin's story in 2001; Scott's in 2002; Brian's in 2003; and Lynne's in 2006. Brian, Justin, and Scott's stories are nearly finished; I'm only on chapter 4 of Lynne's.

Maybe I just need a solid week by myself; no spouse, no kids, no TV...just me, my music collection, and trusty computer? Spouse has been addicted to the DIY Network, and objects to the sounds of Bon Jovi interrupting his shows.

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Carol Preflatish said...

Oh, a solid week to myself to just write is my dream vacation. Maybe some day.