Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Arrogant Fool...

Did anyone else see or hear about this? An Ivy-League man signs up on Match.com. A curious female clicks on his profile and sends an 'interested' post. Guy emails several questions, including his own info. Girl responds 'Not Interested; Do not reply' or something to that effect. Mr. Macho responds withe scathing email to the effect of 'you picked me...what gives you the right to now reject me?'

Heeeellllloooooo....Maybe, just maybe, she saw through your arrogant attitude and decided she needed someone a little more down to earth?

I kid you not. This guy appears on The Early Show and trys to defend himself! First of all, he's not that good looking. Secondly, okay...he's accomplished; got a good job; member of Mensa. But after hearing him answer one of the anchor's questions, I would have rejected him too! He was full of himself and 'oh poor me...I got rejected...what gives you the right to reject me because I've got a job and a good life...'

Plenty. We don't want 'Trophy Men'...we want someone we can relate to. Someone who will hold us when we cry; someone who will listen to us and be proud of us. Not just to hang on your every word and put you on a pedestal. No, we want men who will share every aspect with us, and reciprocate in return.

Heard a song on the radio last week I hadn't heard in quite a while (probably because I don't listen to the country channel! I was listening for the ad for my signing, and never did hear it, although I've been assurred by others they've heard it!). It was Sammy Kershaw's 'She Don't Know that She's Beautiful' and I remember a conversation that took place several years ago.

First of all, I liken myself to the Ugly Duckling. I was not attractive at age 5; was skinny and gawky as a teen. In high school, one of my best friends was a popular basketball player. Our senior year, I happened to be walking down the hall with one of the cheerleaders that I knew. We approached my friend and another guy we knew. The other guy lets out a wolf-whistle; the cheerleader promptly tosses her hair over her shoulder, giggles, and says thanks. Well, the guy who whistled stood up and says, "I wasn't whistling at you! I was whistling at Molly!"

My best friend points his finger at the other girl and says, "Yeah...there are other girls in this school who are beautiful too; don't just assume everyone is whistling at you!" Then, he puts his arm around my shoulder and he and I walked off. Once we got around the corner, his arm dropped, but we continued on. I, while appreciating seeing her being taken down a notch, told him he probably just ruined her day.

"He probably did whistle at her," I said.

I guess my expression was doubtful, because this tall, dark, and handsome guy stopped in the middle of the hallway, put his hands on his hips, and shook his head. "You really don't think you're beautiful, do you?"

Embarrassed, I blushed and tried to laugh it off. But he persisted and finally put his arm around me again.

"You're one of the most beautiful people I know. Now get to class and I'll see you after school."

While I have a mirror, and I appreciate his bolstering my self-confidence in myself, whenever I find myself doubting anything, I remember that conversation.

Beautiful people don't act arrogant; they act modest. They are confident in their abilities and seek to boost others. And Mr. Macho's claim that no one should reject him because he's so successful just goes to show he needs a reality check. Maybe somewhere, there is a woman who will accept him in her life, and then again, maybe he needs to be taken down a notch by a strong woman.


Brynn Paulin said...

I agree with you.

So what ever happened to Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome??

Phoenix said...

He probably turned out to be gay, as all kind, sensitive, loving, sexy men-not-in-a-romance-book are. Sigh.

Molly Daniels said...

Nope. He's on his 2nd marriage, living in Michigan, and now resenbles Simon Cowell. And at last reunion, was expecting twins:) Funnily enough, his 2nd wife sort of resembles me...

Bronwyn Green said...

What an asshat! The match.com guy, not Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome.

Unknown said...

Match.com guy has a clear case of small penis syndrome.