Monday, November 19, 2007


No, not the car, LOL:) Physically, I crashed this morning.

With the signing and hubby not coming home until yesterday, I had to cram an entire weekend of chores into 12 hours. Had to take my daughter to the ER at 10 pm Saturday, and didn't get home until midnight, after filling her prescriptions. Fell into bed around 1 am; dog wanted out 30 minutes later. Woke up at 5 when oldest son's alarm screamed heavy metal rock music (didn't I turn it off Saturday morning?? Hmmm...must ask him what I did wrong...) and got up and wrote. Made it to church; came home and showered. Hubby and Life Scout arrived home at 1:30.

Fixed lunch; by the time I started on his laundry, it was nearly 3. Two hours later, it was time to go grocery shopping, which took an hour. After putting everything away, the re-heated dinner from the previous evening was ready to eat. Started on load #4, and the nursing home called. So I went out and delivered the Kleenexes and the birthday gift I'd gotten Mom's roommate (who turned 84 years young yesterday!).

So needless to say, I finally got to bed around 2 am...and apparently shut off the alarm while unconscious, because hubby woke me frantically at 4; he'd overslept. Saw him finally drive away at 5; went back to bed. Oldest son was in the licks my neck (she got up on the bed to do this...must have really needed out badly!); I get up and put her outside. At 6:30, I staggered into the pair of sweats I can throw on over my PJ's and let son drive to school. I propped my eyes open and drove home. Drank coffee and watched the news until it was time to waken the other two; daughter dawdled around, taking her meds; we were 10 minutes late getting her to school. Dropped off the baby, and I came home and fell into bed.

I had set the alarm for 11, and when I awoke, I felt refreshed! I'll tackle the chores later. The oldest two don't have school on Wed; we can have a massive clean-up day after I drop off the baby. And if hubby gets rained out, he can help, although I'm sure he'll probably sit in a chair and 'supervise'.

It's nearly 65 degrees outside; the baby is happily riding his trike up and down the sidewalk as I write this, and when he goes down for a nap later, I don't know if I'll join him or actually get some work done. It all depends on what the body needs. And after this weekend, I need sleep.


Phoenix said...

Don't worry, baby. I'll take a nap for you. Anything to help a friend.

Molly Daniels said...

Thank you...had a better day today:)

barbara huffert said...

You make me tired just reading about your day.

Brynn Paulin said...

Get some rest!!!