Monday, November 5, 2007

Good Weekend:)

Word Count: 1369 on Head of the Class. Life has interfered today, and I'm tired. I'm at a good stopping point; the baby doesn't have school tomorrow, due to Election Day, and it's going to only be 45 degrees. I don't have to be out in the cold, except to vote and drive the kids to school and swim practice, so it should be a better writing day. And no, I really don't like the title, but it was better than Romancing the Teacher...maybe when I get up the nerve to post an excerpt, we'll have another contest:)

Signs things are going well:

1) Averaging 1600 words per day, in order to complete a 50,000 word ms in 30 days...hope the muse stays with me like she did last month!

2) Spend $200 on groceries and hubby doesn't bat an eye, because about $50 of it is things he wanted:)

3) Accidentally send the cell phone through the washer, and aside from a few not-so-teasing comments, the thing dried out and still works...

4) Dragged hubby to his family gathering, and a good time was had by all;

5) MIL was in good humor when we visited;

6) The time changed, and hubby is finally back on Indpls time, and didn't have to leave until 4 am, instead of 3...Yes, Kelly, we're on the same time now! Woo hoo!

7) The aformentioned story is going so well, I dreamed I outlined it; therefore, I now know where the hell I'm going with it, instead of just two people doing the mattress mambo at every opportunity...a storyline is starting to develope!

8) And finally, the baby stayed dry 2 mornings in a row! There will be no bed-stripping or ungodly amounts of laundry today:)

I am frustrated with my AOL account...every time I set it so my website and books are listed in my Write Mail, I get another notice to 'take the tour' or to 'start using' the 'new and improved AOL mail' news for you...I've been using it now for 5 months! Stop causing me to reset my signature! It's annoying!

The weather is starting to get it's going to peak at 52 at noon, and drop 20 degrees; tomorrow through Thursday the highs will be only in the 40's. I'm about to move to Australia...AJ says it's getting hot down there! Anyone with me? Or should I just move to Florida temporarily, and update a friend's website? They've not updated since September, and have had 2 birthdays since the ones posted!

Happy belated b-day, Bev:)


barbara huffert said...

Count me in for any move you want to make. You pick...surprise me.

Bronwyn Green said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. So happy for you on the dry bed - I know what a freaking nightmare that is. :(

Phoenix said...

Hey Moll welcome to the time zone. And plotting your outline in your sleep eh? Hmm. Haven't tried that. No last night I dreamt I was showing my father my calf because he asked me to go walking with him. But my calf was a giant greenbeen. He said it shouldn't matter but I said, "But Dad, look!" I peeled off my greenbean calf and inside was one of those yellow green beans. He said I should have it checked out but that didn't excuse me from exercise. Harsh!

Molly Daniels said...

Haha...reminds me of that joke...

Out in the field there is a green house; inside the green house there is a white house; inside the white house, there is a red house; inside the red house, there are a lot of black babies. What is it?

What did you eat before going to bed, ha ha?

Maybe it was just my hot flashes that did it...

Answer: Watermelon:)

Phoenix said...

Bite your tongue. I'm not old enough for hot flashes. That's at least two decades away.

I was thinking about how I need to exercise more and get more veggies. I contemplated purchasing asparagus green or white. I think that's what did it.

Brynn Paulin said...

Whoo hoo! Sounds outstanding. I'm glad things are going well.

Brynn Paulin said...

BTW, it was snowing here this morning. 33 degrees. Brrrr.