Thursday, November 8, 2007

Love Finds a Way

Word Count: 1697. Got so engrossed, I lost track of time and was late to school to pick up my son and take him to swim practice. Guess what? I arrived; he'd gotten on the bus. Wasted trip...

E-books currently reading:
Dominant Boys of Summer, by Katherine Kingston (Finished this one last night...showed me I could never be that submissive in any relationship! I'm just not in to S&M personally...)

Off the Deep End, by Anna J Evans (Finished this one the afternoon...interesting concept...girl meets sexy man from different dimension and agrees to live in his world, all because she falls in love with his cock...will it last, though???)

Maid For Death, by some Jones girl...I think her first name is Amarinda or something, LOL:) (Finished this one early this morning...let's just say I had to take a cold shower afterwards! At least this one had a potential for a HEA...didn't leave me scratching my head and going, 'huh???'!! I'd read more by this lady...she's good!)

Enjoy this went LIVE yesterday on the authorhouse website and will be available in full distribution by the end of the month, or the next 30 days. Kudos to Anthony, my author rep, for this; I wasn't expecting it for another 2 weeks. Now if a couple copies arrive by the 16th, I'll be extremely happy...

In this scene, it's day 3 of Amy's surprise trip to see Matt. She wants to see if their relationship is based on love, not sex, so she's refused to sleep with him. Matt, however, is frustrated that his charm isn't working, and is convinced she's about to cheat on him, proving his belief that women are always looking for 'something better'. I've already been asked why does she not pack up and leave at this point...she's determined to win him over! Don't give up yet; keep reading:)

Amy was lounging in a chair when she heard voices coming up the walk. One sounded like Matt. The bushes around the outside of the fence hid her from view.

"Thanks for a wonderful afternoon," he was saying.

"Sure," replied a female voice. "You know my number, so any time your girlfriend..."


"See ya!"

Amy started to fume. How dare he stand her up for a roll in the hay with another girl? She started to rise when she heard Jason's voice.

"Hey Slagal! Where the hell have you been? Amy's been looking for you!"

"Shit! I was supposed to meet her. Uh, tell her I came back without you knowing and fell asleep."

"Dammit, I'm not going to lie to her!"

"Aw, come on, man! She'll kill me....Look, I honestly forgot! Please?" Their voices faded, and Amy knew they were heading for the barracks. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Angry as she was, she supposed he had certain needs. "But not when he's supposed to be with me!"

Fifteen minutes later, she let herself into Jason's room. Jason was watching TV.

"Amy," he began. "Matt just called. He's..."

"Don't lie to me, Jas," she interrupted fiercely. "I know exactly where he's been. I heard the whole conversation!" She whirled around and stalked out. She returned to her small apartment and found Matt sprawled on the bed.

"Matthew," she stated flatly.

He yawned and rolled over. "Oh hi, honey. Look, I forgot all about..."

"Spare me, please," she interrupted sarcastically. "I know where you've been. I heard every word between you and that girl! I hope you took precautions!"

"No, no! I fell asleep waiting for you," he protested.

"Oh, please! Shall I repeat? 'Oh thanks for a wonderful afternoon'...'Sure, anytime. You've got my number'...And on top of that, you have Jason lie to me!"
"But Amy..."

"Okay, so I suppose things are different out here, but dammit, you just had to stand me up? Are your morals that loose?"

Matt was stunned. She was really mad! At the same time, he felt another tug at his groin as he watched her pace back and forth in her short white robe. He tried again.

"I didn't mean to stand you up, I forgot," he explained.

Her anger cooling, Amy replied, "You honestly forgot."

"Yes," he answered, attempting to win her over.

"I don't know." She gathered up her clothes and went into the bathroom. "Just don't talk to me right now."

While Amy showered and changed, Jason arrived. "I see you're still alive," he commented. "Well?"

"She's mad."

"I don't blame her."

"Well, you know how women are."

"I don't know. I think this one's different."

"Bullshit! Women are all the same. Show 'em a good time, and they mess with your head.” Matt took a beer and went out on the patio. "She won't sleep with me, you know why?" He sat down, drank half his beer, and leaned forward. "She's waiting to see everyone in uniform tonight, so she can take her pick."

Jason shook his head. "You've got her wrong, man. She's not like Jeri, who hit on me five minutes after you introduced us."

"Give her time, she'll make her move. Midwesterners are subtle; they sneak up on you when you least expect it."

Meanwhile, Amy was shaking. "We're right back where we started," she told herself. "Maybe it did slip his mind. I've only got three more days with him, so I'll let it pass."

Feeling somewhat better, she pulled on white cropped pants and a blue camp shirt. White flat shoes, watch, and white earrings followed. a touch of White Shoulders perfume, a quick brush though her short blonde curls, and Amy was ready. She checked herself in the mirror and muttered. "Knock him dead, Aim."
Noiselessly, she crept from the bathroom and spotted Jason and Matt on the patio. Taking a deep breath, she opened the sliding glass door and stepped out into the hot sunshine.

"Wow! Amy, dump this guy and let me escort you tonight," Jason exclaimed, getting to his feet and going over to her.

"Jas, would you..." she inclined her head towards the apartment.

"Oh sure. Just break my heart. Need a beer, Slagal?"


Jason went inside, and after a moment, Amy stood behind Matt, put her arms around his neck, and kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry I yelled at you," she said softly.
"No, you were right. I should have remembered. Tell you what, I mentioned to my C.O. the fact that I had a special visitor, and he gave me the whole day off tomorrow. We'll spend the day at the pool, okay?"

Amy kissed him again, and moved to sit in the chair Jason had vacated.

"Still want to go to the dinner tonight with me?" Matt asked, draining his beer can.

"No, I always dress up for the heck of it...You bet I do! Are Geoff and Kelly going to be there?"

"Yeah. We'd better get going. I gotta change."


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