Thursday, November 15, 2007

Warm Fuzzies:)

10:40 pm: WC-1848...made it:) I'm at 25,067 words! And found out my book is available on amazon, B&N, and Borders! Woo hoo:)

Word Count: 1677, and I've reached my halfway goal...or maybe not. Just did the math, and I need 104 more words to meet that 25K back before midnight...I need a short break...

Got a wonderful email from my mom this morning, and thought I'd share it. Sue Grafton (Alphabet Mysteries) sent out an encouraging mass email to those of us participating in NaNo, and my mom loves her books, so I forwarded it to her. This is what mom responded, and the 'review' my first book received:)

That is so neat. She took time to encourage and share some of her own struggles. Wow!
I look forward to her next book. I actually bought S again. I realized I had read it but enjoyed it again!
Love, Mom

PS I am very proud of you

(tongue in cheek here:)
Thank you:) I hope that still holds after you read LFAW, hahahahahaha....of course, I felt this way when I apprehensively gave you LIS to read, and I've not been disowned yet:)


Honey, I loved LOVE IS SOBER. I admit I don’t like some of the language, but the writing is excellent. You are really gifted, and I am VERY proud of you. I ordered some copies of both books at Borders today so you or I can give them as Christmas gifts.
Love from a proud mom.

Wasn't that sweet? Here I've been shaking in my boots, for fear of a public "I can't believe you could write such smut"..."You've disgraced us AGAIN..." kind of thing...I guess it shows my insecurity here...but my mommy loves me:)

On a different note, did anyone catch Oprah's show last Friday? She had the Osmonds on, and I missed it! I saw Entertainment Tonight's clip and thought I'd missed it on Thurs, and then my mom called me Friday and told me to turn on the TV. I did...and got to watch the last 15 minutes! And an hour later went to the neighbor's to let her know the book was out, and she was watching it on the Evansville channel! Guess to see the same 15 minutes I'd already seen, lol:) Guess I'll have to start haunting the reruns next summer...

Anyway, does anyone remember snippets of songs from childhood, and when you get older, you think, "Did that song really exist, or am I delusional?" Well, I've had 3 songs I only remember parts of, and so far, I've found 2 of them. One was "Crazy Horses" by the Osmond Brothers...the only thing I remember was the chorus...and according to what I heard in the background as Mom was talking was that song! So yes, Molly...that song exists...go buy the Osmund Brother's Greatest Hits (if such an album/CD/DVD exists...)
(Sidebar...Mom said she remembers me wearing my purple socks every week when the Donny and Marie show was on...and I wanted so badly to be a professional ice-skater so I could perform at the beginning of the show! And later, when I discovered I'd never be a skater, that's when my 'rock star' ambition began, HA HA:)

The other song was "Cherokee Nation", and I found it on a 1971 'Rock On' CD (I also bought 1973 and 1976)...I was 5 years old when that song came out! And my parents also said I loved "Me and You and a Dog Named Blue"...but of course, since the parents owned the record...

Now, the only one I'm still having doubts about is "Hanky Panky" by (I think!) Neil Diamond? "My baby loves the hanky panky..."(repeats several times) and he's questioning the guys in the control booth about the lyrics or how it sounds? Does any of this sound familiar? I know the song exists, because I've heard an earlier group sing it. But I'd like to know if this version exists... And also, just thought of this. Anyone remember "The Electric Company", and no, not the PBS children's show. This one was similar to a record called "Jaws", where a reporter is 'interviewing' the shark, with snippets of songs as the shark's answers...and yes, I have this record, so please don't try to have me committed!

Okay...enough. I need to run to school; my oldest just called; he wants a decongestant to dry up his nose. And daughter called, wanting to come home...she's only been at school for an hour. Told her to tough it out until lunch and then I'd gladly come get her.

And then need to pay bills; do 2 loads of laundry; call parents to see if they can take Boy Scout to camp while I'm working the book signing tomorrow night; call dr and schedule mammogram; and oh yeah...start writing this morning?? Yes, I'm procrastinating again...bad Molly...


Brynn Paulin said...

Oh... the Donny and Marie show. I had the Donny and Marie dolls. Let me tell you, back then, it made me very popular. The other girls were jealous and they all wanted to see Donny's purple socks.

Molly Daniels said...

I still have my Marie doll...somewhere, buried in some forgotten toy box at my mom's!

Bronwyn Green said...

I remember the Hankie Pankie - Mom was a big Neil Diamond fan.

I think it's so sweet that your mom is buying your books for gifts!

Phoenix said...

Mom's can be wonderful encouragers. I once heard something that has stayed with me. "Mom, be careful what you say because your words have to fall from way up there to get to me." As said by a child. It doesn't change even as we age. A parent's words carry such weight. They can empower or devestate.