Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's October? AAAAHHhhhhhh....

Where did September go?

Since I'm going to be bogged down in laundry, grocery shopping, and working on Ch 6 today, I'm just going to post the October Reading Schedule. Enjoy, and come back tomorrow.

Word Count: All it took was 448 words to finish Ch. 5. If I'd known that, I'd have kept writing on Tuesday! And computer threw a fit yesterday, so that's ALL I wrote:) Maybe today will be better....

Infidelity-Debbie Gould (Red Rose Pub)

Naughty Nooners Antho-Dakota Rebel, et al (TEB)

Burn-Anne Rainey (Samhain Pub)
Unexpected Mr. Right-Kelley Nyrae(Parker Publishing-1-8-09 TWW blog)

Linked-Barbara Huffert (EC)
Spanish Topaz-Regina Carlysle (EC)

As always, this is finances pending.

I'm off to write and mail my newsletter, sort the laundry, and coax the spouse into a cheap lunch before we hit the store! Wish me luck?

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Unknown said...

My laundry is a living, breathing, monstrous thing I don't want to think about. It might take me the entire weekend to do. You'd think with two adult children at home all day, not working, they'd get it done, but when I say that, you'd think I was killing them.

I love the fact it's October. Finally, Florida feels cool and it's awesome!