Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recommended Read, Prayer Request, and Other Stuff

Currently Reading: Ever read a book and smack yourself for not reading it earlier? I know; I did this with Anny Cook's Flowers of Camelot and Cindy Spencer Pape's gargoyles. Well now, I'm kicking myself for not reading Regina Carlysle's Lycans sooner. I LOVED Lone Star Lycan! I especially loved a particular bath scene. Not going to spoil it for you; just click over to EC and grab your copy. This scene is priceless! I was giggling about two paragraphs into it and didn't stop until the scene was finished! Definitely a Recommended Read:) Next up is Ringo's Ride. Regina very graciously sent it to me when she discovered it was at #50 on my list:) I'll also be reading Jayden Chelsee's Too Close To The Fire.

Prayer Request
A dear friend of mine just discovered she has malignant melanoma. She saw the doctor on Monday and posted the following:

For those of you who haven't heard yet, I found out on Jan. 5th that I have malignant melanoma in the center of my back. Below is an update about what I know at this point. If you get a chance, please say a prayer for me. If you already have been praying - thank you so much!!! It is really helping and I truly appreciate your support.

I saw the plastic surgeon yesterday and his nurse set up an appointment for me with another surgeon on Thursday (Jan. 14). I am going to have the surgery on Jan. 18th, most likely. The melanoma is 2.15 mm and has grown down into the fourth layer of tissue. It isn't in the fatty layer or muscular layer yet, which is good. For the surgery, the plastic surgeon will remove the cancer and surrounding tissue and then the other surgeon will use a radioactive dye to see which lymph node(s) the cancerous area drains to. She will then remove the node(s) for biopsy. I will see the oncologist on Jan. 20th to see what other treatment I may need. My primary care doctor is still in Danville, so I am going to the doctors down there that he has recommended. The surgery will be at Hendricks Regional Health, which is where I had both kids. They also took care of Megan when she had RSV at 8 weeks of age. I am very comfortable there, so that helps.

Thanks again for the prayers!
God bless

I have known K for over thirty years. I met her when she and her brothers moved into the neighborhood, and her older brother ended up in my class. She and my sister are still to this day Best Friends Forever. She is also the mother of two children, ages 9 and 5.

So please, keep her in your prayers?

Other Stuff
-The TV in the living room went out this morning. Thankfully, we have a spare in the basement. The one upstairs is an old console-type which is probably as old as I am:) We're pretty sure its the picture tube; however, we're not sure there's anyone in town who knows or even has the parts to fix it! I hear tax money being spent next addition to the couch and my conference registration...

-Thanks to everyone who dropped by yesterday:) My first attempt at a major posting of both cover art and interview gave me a few headaches, especially when I saw the end result and panicked when half the text was nothing but lines! Took me about an hour, and had to completely delete one of Lisabet's covers, but was finally able to get it posted and legible!

-The story I'm currently working on is coming together nicely:) The deadline is Jan 30th, and I'll know when I type up what I wrote last night how close I am to the word count. Still don't know what I'm going to call it; I'm hoping inspiration will strike after it's finished.

-Had a bout of mild insomnia last night, and as it turns out, it was a blessing in disguise. With the TV out, I was able to watch three L&O episodes from 2-5am on the DVR, leaving only three more before more is added at 4:00 this afternoon. So I'll be watching L&O this morning, before we bring the TV upstairs. I'm thinking semi-seriously of going to the video store and seeing if they have the complete series; if they do, I'll just start renting the series, one season at a time! Yeah, I know...I'm addicted now.

-Temps are slooooowly rising into the 30's!! The problem now is, the snow turns to slush, and promptly refreezes overnight. Thank God the SU is driving W back and forth to school!

Off to go get dressed and have my 'date' with my downstairs DVR. Have a good day!


Linda Kage said...

My prayers are with K.

Regina Carlysle said...

My prayers for K!

Thanks for recommending Lone Star Lycan, honey, you made my day!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Prayers for K.