Friday, September 17, 2010

Flashback Friday: Admitting the Truth

After my hospitalization, I did something rather childish. The Idiot proposed a weekend getaway in Bern, In. I had never been there, so I jumped at the chance to go. Secured my weekend off at both jobs, and off we went for a weekend in Amish Country.

The first night, we discovered a wonderful restaurant, and stuffed ourselves. Sunday, we wandered around and nearly had an argument when I wanted to purchase an ashtray with the Amish sayings. My point being, instead of buying several items with the various sayings, why not one thing with all of them? His point: 'You don't smoke. That's a stupid souvenier.' I rolled my eyes, but bought it anyway. We toured the barn and got to pet a white-tailed deer and the regular animals found on a farm.

Sunday night, we went to the same restaurant and got a snooty waitress. Well, okay. She fawned over the Idiot and treated me like dirt. I joked she had a crush on him; he denied it. I was fed up with her attitude, so when she brought the bill, I asked for a tiny slice of cheesecake. After she huffily snatched the bill back and stalked off, I told him I'd prove she had a crush on him and to play along with me. She brought the cheesecake and the following conversation took place:

Me: Oh, big brother, you're going to have to help me eat this.

Server (thawing considerably): Oh, you're brother and sister?

Me: Yes. The parents went to the other restaurant; he and I wanted to come back here.

Server: So is this your first time in Bern?

Idiot (finally speaking up): Yes, and we've had a great time.

Me: But we have to leave in the morning.

Server: Where are you from?

Me: Arcadia.

Server: You should really come back in the fall; we have festivals.

Me: Why don't you give her your phone number so she can call you and let you know when it is? Then you can come back and see her.

Idiot (shooting me a what-the-hell-are-you-doing look): I didn't bring my card with me.

Server(fishing pen and scrap paper out of her apron): Here; write it on this. That's a great idea!

After we paid the bill and left, I said to him, 'I told you she liked you!'

"But what do I do if she actually calls?"

"Whatever you want."

Later that evening, he tried to give me back the engagement ring; I refused, and he asked why the hell I'd agreed to the weekend. Being totally honest about everything for the 1st time in over a year, I replied it had seemed like a good idea at the time, but there was no hope of any future between us,

This sparked outrage from him, but since we were in a public place, he didn't get too loud, and we slept in separate beds. Monday, on the drive back, he asked what it would take to earn his love back. I said I honestly didn't know; we'd have to totally start over, and he would have to simply accept the fact that I did not agree with him on everything. He announced he would be willing to change; I didn't believe him, and realized I was probably going to have to sneak out of town before he'd let me go. So I began to make plans. And the first thing on my list was to start saving my money.

First Week In Business!
Traffic has been steady:) I've kept a tally sheet of everyone who wandered in; we've averaged 15 people per shift in the three days I've worked this week. I'm loving it! Everyone who's been in has uttered the same phrase 'Thank God! We need a bookstore in this town!"

Tomorrow we have our Children's Hour, in which a local actor will dress in character and read to kids. I need to find out what time that will be, as I want to take my youngling and three of his friends. Plus I'm working the afternoon shift, as both owners have prior commitments.

And the SU discovered it's not going to kill him if he cooks dinner two days a week and does some housework! He still refuses to do laundry, so that's on my list of things to do today.

WTG Hayden!!
Finally watched the finale of Big Brother last night! Yes, I've avoided FaceBook so I wouldn't accidentally see a spoiler. I was hoping Matt or Lane would get the America's Favorite Player, but Brittany was a good choice. And did you see Rachel's face? She was unhappy she wasn't chosen! And congrats to Lane for coming in 2nd. This season was definitely one of the BEST!

Woo hoo! I just learned Kenzie's release date for Wild At Heart has been scheduled for Nov 23rd!!! Now to schedule edits in with everything else going on in my life....


Unknown said...

Glad te bookstore is doing well! Have a wonderful weekend.

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself in flashback Friday.

Glad to hear the bookstore is doing well:)