Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday: Football Season!

Currently Reading: I managed to catch up on my reading Wednesday, waiting for the SU at his eye appointment. Finished Bron's From the Ruins and Handcuffs and Lies; Cindy Spencer Pape's Stone and Sky (all Recommended Reads, btw!); and now reading Diane Farr's Wicked Cool.

I also finished reading a Star Wars fan-fic book, The Courtship of Princess Leia, and am starting a thriller, Sound Tracks. It has something to do with whales in Puget Sound. I'll start on it tomorrow. I'm also working on self-edits for Teacher's Pet, and am up to Chapter 4.


I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but son K had joined the football team in July, and had whined about the heat. His dad encouraged him to give it his all, explaining if he didn't show his enthusiasm in practice, then the coach wouldn't put him in the game. So when the heat wave broke in late August, he did a 180 in his practice attitude, and Coach started him on offense, as well as defense. He'd also managed to pluck the jersey out of the pile which had his dad's old HS football number on it. And watching him play, he showed the same talent as his dad.

The SU had volunteered to work the chain gang, and overheard more than one coach complaining about "Number 71. What are we going to do about him? He spends more time in our backfield than our own team!"

K made several friends on the team, and soon four of them became the Dream Team. At several games, it was announced 'Ball carried by TC; Tackle by KH; Touchdown by AM; Extra point kicked by AC'. Our weekends in September were completely taken up by afternoon games.

This is our Homecoming weekend; K is arriving home in time for the football game, and the youngling is looking forward to the parade this afternoon after school. He's also looking forward to seeing his big brother again, and showing off his first loose tooth. The Tooth Fairy may end up coming this weekend.

The Boy Scouts start their popcorn drive this weekend; the boys will be at the Farmer's Market bright and early tomorrow, taking popcorn orders. So no sleeping in for anyone:)


Amber Skyze said...

Have a good weekend, Molly! :)

Steven said...

Keep wiggling that loose tooth. I'm on my way...

the tooth fairy

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Linda Kage said...

This is my home town's fall festival weekened too! Turtle races, parades, youth fairs, demolition derbies.

I hope you homecoming is great!